Roller Netball, Great Yarmouth Roller Skating Club

Photograph of Great Yarmouths Roller Netball Team

By Laura Matthews

Great Yarmouth Roller Skating Club had a women's five-aside roller netball team.

Photo:Group portrait of Great Yarmouth roller netball team (Wendy Parker is 1st on the left)

Group portrait of Great Yarmouth roller netball team (Wendy Parker is 1st on the left)

Courtesy of Peter Parker

This page was added by Laura Matthews on 08/06/2007.
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The girl 3rd from the right on the front row is Molly Nutman she had a sister named Heather they were both in the cast of Roller Revels in 1953-54. Sorry I can't name any others does anyone else know them? Come on all you skaters!

By colinbrowne
On 06/03/2008

Yes, the skaters names reading from the left are Wendy Parker (nee Rudrum), Daphne Boast, Pauline Newson, Shirley Rudrum and Heather Nutman.

By Patricia Colclough
On 06/04/2008

Dear Patricia.

At last someone has replied to my comments thank you for the rest of the names. Sorry but the then young girl on the end was Molly not Heather Nutman. Before I met my now wife when I was a young lad I use to go out with Molly her sister Heather married a lad from Castior, I think his family kept the public house called The Green Gate that was then oppisite Beach road. I remember you very well you were a top skater I hope your children? or grandchildren knows what a great skater you were. I enjoy looking back to those happier days. Maybe Patricia you could also put some more names to some more faces ie the eleven young ladies posing on the pier I know only one Pat Andrews they were of the Skaterscades 1951? Great to read your comments, I hope some more people will join us.

Colin Browne

By colinbrowne
On 11/04/2008

Dear Patricia Colclough it appears that you and I seem to be the only ones who read these items? The other skaters out do not seem to want to join in the good old times.

Itis such a shame as there were so so many of us. I did ask about PAT ANDREWS. Did she & her partner, whos name I cannot remember, ever get together? Did they get married ? Have children ? Have they any grand/children? My partner Tony Bean what happened to him? I know we are all getting on abit but with a lot of help from my children & Grandchildren I have mastered most of this computer lark So come on you Great Yarmouth Roller Skating ex-memebers lets put some names to those faces on the photos please.

Give our future generation something to look back on. I am sure Laura Matthews of this web site would only be to pleased to help I think?

By colinbrowne
On 17/06/2008

Only just found this site. Very interested in Colin Browne's reflections on the Skating back in the 50's, especially about Pat Andrews who is my wife.

By Derek Barker
On 04/05/2010

Dear Colin Browne I am Derek Barker, I sent information to Laura Matthews regarding your enquiry about Pat Andrews, but it did not get put on for some reason. Anyway I was Pat's skating partner and we got married in 1960. We have 2 children, a son and a daughter and 2 grandchildren. We are celebrating our Golden Wedding next month. It was nice to see so many of the old names mentioned and brought back good memories. We still have copies of most of the photos of the Skaterskades that are on this site. We still have our skates somewhere in the loft. Since finding this site recently we read it nearly every day to see if there are any new comments. Hopefully this will get put on this time.

By Derek Barker
On 07/05/2010

Hi I'm Wendy and Pete's daughter and Shirley's niece. They are all well and take a keen interest in the skating past and take part in reunion events. Speaking for Wendy & Pete they are not into computers so if you have any questions to ask I'll relay for you.

By Lynn Parvin
On 28/01/2011

A very hello to you Shirley this is what I have been going on about , knowing that some of our old skating friends do not use computers but glad to know that their children /or grandchildren can help. If it the Peter Parker I knew, did he live on St. Nicholas Road did he have a brother David who was my skating partner in the 1953 Roller Revels? Also you said about a skating reunion? Can you tell us more on this as there is still a lot of old 1950s -60 roller revels & skaterscaders out there hope you read this item & reply or may be time & tide will pass on my email? to you

By colin browne
On 11/03/2011

I find these old stories of skating in Gt Yarmouth fascinating. I'm sure that if you were trying arranging a reunion then the Retroskate rink situated near to the Wellington pier would be an ideal place . My daughters both now skate in there artistic club and it would be great to get the present and past skaters together .

By graham virgo
On 19/04/2011

Hi LYNN PARVIN. Sorry about the mistake on the name ( calling you Shirley) hope you saw my first message ? Would love to get a reply about if David Parker is Peter's brother. Also info on this skating reunion await reply.

By colin browne
On 19/04/2011

Lynn Parvin am still awaiting on info on David & Wendy Parker as you will see item on advancing years I have been trying to contact my old friend Tony Bean only to find out this year he has passed away so its now much to late. So all you readers out (there) don't be shy to reply if in doubt get your children or grandchildren to help (I did )Remember its our history & your childrens future.

By colin browne
On 03/05/2011

Hi Gramhamvirgo yes I am all for a skaters reunion at the Retroskating Rink would love to meet all off the 1953/54 roller revels team come on girls & boys remember the good old days of Wellington summer skating shows what ever our pasts now I'm in my 70s lets have a little bit of a future

By colin browne
On 05/08/2011

Lynn Parvin still awaiting news on PETER & WENDY also on the reunion? I contacted Donna Wix at the Retro skating rink she said would be more than pleased to hold it there ? Is David Parker Peter,s brother?

By colin browne
On 11/08/2011

Hi Colin, Just thought I would write to let you know about my dad Tony Bean .We lost him in November 2010.He would of loved to have been a part of your memories. Say hello to everyone on behalf of all his family.

By Karen Greenwood
On 28/09/2011

Please see other skating sites on articles on my old mate Tony Bean great times

By colin browne
On 21/10/2011

Today is the 30th of April 2012 and to all you 1940s-50s Great Yarmouth roller skaters to prove that the Time and Tide website can really work read this.  On this page you will see a young girl named Molly Nutman (married name Yow).  I last spoke to Molly in person in the 1954 roller skating show, from then on we lost contact until 2012 and through this web site we started to email.  Today we came face to face through the wonder of SKYPE; Molly lives in the USA.  As I said in the past try not to leave it too late to contact old friends as now being 75 years old it's wonderful to meet up with Molly, also Brian and Patrica Colclough, now on line, and dear friends Derek and Patrica Barker also great skating buddies.  Many many thanks to all the staff who run this site at Time and Tide Museum - you have now made my day.

By colin browne
On 01/05/2012

Greetings to my many skating friends from the late 40s and early 50s. It was very intersting to see names such as Molly Nutman and Marie Townley. I knew them all well, the early death of Heather was sad news and most unexpected. I knew Marie from a very young age when she lived at 11 Lacon Road Caister next door to my cousins Ann and Jennifer. Many years have passed since that time and we have all spread out around the world so it is great to again make contact through this web site. I have not lived in Yarmouth since I left to join the Army in 1953 and served all round the globe until I retired from the service in 1981. I met a young lady Shirley Pearson on the outdoor rink at Yarmouth when she was on holiday and I was on leave and we have now been married 55 years. We continued our travels in Civilian life working in Africa but we are now well and trully retired and living in Rochester Kent but spend the Winter months November - March inclusive in Spain. I hope this message reaches some past friends and contact can once more be established.

By Stan Wildash
On 11/09/2013

Hi, my name is Judy, mother was Rose A. Mann, she was also a skater at that time. I thought the skaters group was called Roller Revels...Would be interested if anyone remembers her.

By Judy
On 22/01/2017

Hi Colin,

I've only just seen your messages from 2011 because I dont think this website sends notifications. Yes,  Peter Parker did live in St Nicholas Road and yes he does have a brother, David. They attended reunions arranged by other people in the past, they didn't arrange them and haven't attended any for quite some time. Sadly sister Shirley passed last year and Mum went into care last week which is why I am now searching memories to help her. Dad Peter has just celebrated his 90th birthday . 

By Lynn Parvin
On 19/02/2020

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