Wellington Pier complex

Photo:Wellington Pier pavilion with bandstand and Pixieland

Wellington Pier pavilion with bandstand and Pixieland

Great Yarmouth Museums

Photo:Wellington Pier in its heyday

Wellington Pier in its heyday

Great Yarmouth Museums

Photo:Wellington Pier and south beach, circa early 1960s

Wellington Pier and south beach, circa early 1960s

Great Yarmouth Museums

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By Martin Keable

The area around the pier saw some changes of use during the time after the war. The open-air skating rink (see also photo 4) can be seen behind the bandstand but the area in front has been made over for use as an entertainment area. The shelters to the rear are permanent reminders of the need for protection against the sea breezes.

The pier itself and the Winter Gardens remain the centrepieces of the complex.The gigantic glass house was purchased from Torquay and re-erected at the entrance to Wellington Pier in 1903 and is still there, though only plastic plants now sprout inside. In the 1970's it became the home to the 'Biergarten' where an alpine theme, perhaps reminiscent of the Sound of Music, was somewhat oddly placed only a few feet away from the beach!

The Wellington Pier of today presents a somewhat sorry sight with the shell of the building only remaining as it was gutted to enable asbestos to be removed. Plans are afoot for its future use but its  heyday is very much a thing of the past.

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Wellington Pier on Saturday 17th May 2008, I watched a TV programme on Great Yarmouth about Jim Davison buying the Wellinton Pier and it was shown to be in a bad state of repair at that time. It is a shame that the council of that era should have let a Jewel of that kind get to such a state when you think of the great service the old pier as done for the town. You may remember I once put on comments about a Landlady friend of my mothers who accomodated many of the stars & show cast of the piers & Regal Theatre in the 1940s & 1950s. I wonder how many names people will remember? ie Jack Story comic, George Bolton comic, Ronnie Renolled singer, Ruby Murry singer, Billy (uke) Scott, entertainer,Berly Reid female comic, Bev Sisters singer, There are many many more but the last I can add are the TV TOPPERS Dances. I can remember my aunt telling them "please girls clean off the leg make-up so as not to stain your bed sheets". After show nights it was always one great party. Ah very happy days!

By colinbrowne
On 20/05/2008

I used to love the Wellington. We used to pass it every evening and hang around the stage door waiting for autographs. I got to meet Eric and Ernie, Matt Monroe, Ruby Murray. One afternoon Tommy Cooper stopped my Dad and asked him for the time because he running late for a show! I too was horrified to see how run down the theatre had become and was so sad to see it pulled down. Although not a theatre, the replica building is fine testament to a wonderful era. Great Yarmouth wouldn't be Great Yarmouth without the Wellington.

By Nigel Hubbard
On 20/08/2012

My great grandfather was George Bolton, I never met him but remember my grandparents tell me he went to Great Yarmouth and was a stand up comic .

By Karen
On 30/03/2016

Karen, my great uncle was George Bolton - we must be related?

By Paul
On 23/11/2018

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