Grateful for the barra boys

By Ann Hadland

I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading all the contributions from the lads (and girls!).  My entire family would de-camp by coach from Coventry for our annual "Coventry fortnight holiday" - always to Yarmouth (was there ever any where like it?) and of course we had no cars as everyone travelled by coach or train - and the suitcases were always heavy - so we were on the lookout for a likely lad as the coach pulled in. 

We always got a "good 'un" as my Dad called the boys & girls - and it eased our tiredness after the long  journey - in the 'fifties we called the coaches "charras", which was short for charrabang!  Those holidays were so wonderful and, yes, the sun did always seem to shine for us as we raced onto the beach after unpacking.  Wonderful fish and chips of an evening and we could never pass a "winkle stall"! 

 Shopping in the market and strolling down Regent Road - roller skating on the outdoor rink, great fun at the fair - and all too soon we were stuffing everything back into those suitcases and waiting for the barras to pick them up and take them to the coach.   Soon as we were back in Coventry we would start saving for next year's holidays - weren't we so fortunate to have a grand place like Great Yarmouth to escape to, if only for two weeks a year!


This page was added by Ann Hadland on 24/06/2011.
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Great piece Mum, good to hear of the times before I was around and imagine how it was back in the day. It would have been all as exciting as the 70's hols we had I am sure. Hopefully people will read and respect how all the services and jobs go to make a good time, we take so many things for granted and moan at the slightest inconvenience these days.

By Neil Hadland
On 05/08/2011

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