Pleasure Steamers of Great Yarmouth

Pride of the Yare at Nottingham on the River Trent and Great Yarmouth

By Neil Cox

This is a view of the old pleasure steamer Pride of the Yare. She was sister ship to the Queen of the Broads.

The Pride of the Yare left Lowestoft after a slight delay of three days due to a coal bunker fire, though fortunately the vessel was not damaged. This was recorded in the early 1950s in the local paper at the time as the fire brigade attended the scene.

Photo:Pride of the Yare on the Trent

Pride of the Yare on the Trent

Courtesy of Neil Cox

Photo:Pride of the Yare at Great Yarmouth

Pride of the Yare at Great Yarmouth

Courtesy of Neil Cox

This page was added by Neil Cox on 19/11/2007.
Comments about this page

I well remember the Pride of the Yare on the Trent at Nottingham. Our jazz club hired it for a 'riverboat shuffle one night. I was not aware of the funnel being lowered to get under Trent Bridge and was on the wrong side of it , a white shirt covered in soot. I have not forgotten, even now, the marvelous sound of the music as the Yare dropped down between the two walls of the lock on its trip. Now exiled in country W Australia, with many happy memories of Nottingham. See ya mates,

By Alwyn Dean
On 12/08/2009

I remember the night that the jazz club hired the Pride I was the skipper that night, the band that played was Johnnie Hobbs and his stompers a good night was had by all. I still have the ships papers .

By Ray Johnson
On 11/01/2010

I well remember being alongside the River Trent in 1951 with the love of my life, when we watched the 'Pride of the Yare' steaming towards Trent Bridge, Nottingham. When ever I see pictures of, or hear the mention of the ship's name I am filled with nostagic thoughts of 1951.

By Alan Rose
On 04/03/2010

The Pride of the Yare was owned and operated by my father, Eric Jackson, when we lived Radcliffe-on-Trent. I'm delighted that people still think fondly of this rather handsome pleasure steamer. Thanks so much for sharing the posts and photos!

By Peter Jackson
On 17/02/2011

Does anyone know if a steamer named "Lowestoft Belle" operate from Yarmouth? A vessel of that name worked on the Kessock Ferry at Inverness in 1921 and I can't find a record of it anywhere!

By Robert Beale
On 28/11/2012

I well remember the Pride of the Yare - We were on a Broads sailing holiday on 5th August 1950, when an inexperienced helmsman we had let loose on the tiller tacked across her bow. She had no way of stopping before she ran us down with an awful cracking sound of our port gun'll being stoved in as far as the cabin. The Pride of the Yare continued on her way unaffected, while we were left to lick our wounds.

By Frank Pinnell
On 27/11/2013

the lowestoft belle sailed from oulton broad up the river waveney up to Burgh st peter. the trips lasted for two hours

On 14/04/2014

I think R Cox is right.  I have a pic of the vessel well laden with passengers apparently at Oulton Broad.   The pic is in an undated (?early 1900s) publication comprising 200 views of Lowestoft publisher unstated.


By R Watkinson
On 06/10/2014

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