Pleasure Steamer, Resolute

Photographs of the Resolute now a house boat at Pinmill, Suffolk

By Neil Cox

The first photograph shows the pleasure steamer, Resolute she was a double-ended steamer but is now a houseboat in Suffolk.

She was known as the Resolute Millwall and was built around 1900s with an engine and boiler by Plenty and Son.

As you can see in the second and third photographs showing her as she is now all the machinery has been removed and scrapped.

Photo:Resolute at Gorleston on Sea, c.1900

Resolute at Gorleston on Sea, c.1900

N. Cox

Photo:The Resolute as she is today, used as a house boat

The Resolute as she is today, used as a house boat

N. Cox

Photo:The Resolute as she is today, used as a house boat

The Resolute as she is today, used as a house boat

N. Cox

This page was added by Neil Cox on 03/07/2007.
Comments about this page

What a shame that is to see! Awful. Where is her steam engine now?

By Ben
On 14/08/2009

just to put you in the picture Ben Her engine may still be in her, but her boiler and all other macinery has been scrapped. The engine may have been a centre piece but I do not know she is at Pinmill has any one pictures of her engine in use?

By Neil Cox
On 22/09/2009

I've just come across this page and viewed it with dismay. I was involved in trying to save Resolute when she was owned by the Veteran Steamship Society in the early eighties. We were always short of money, and the hull was rotten at the waterline, so I persuaded the society that we were more likely to save her by passing her on to someone better funded. We sold her and a spare boiler to a group called the Thames Steam Navigation, whom we had to threaten in the small claims court to get our money. The engine was in perfect condition when we had her. I know they had her out of the water, and I assumed they had done something to the hull, but the fact that she has obviously been full of water means she must have sunk on her moorings at some time, so they could not have addressed this problem properly. I had not heard of her for many years. Still, this is what I constantly expected to happen to her when we had her, and I'm very relieved it didn't. The engine, by Plenty of Newbury was the reason for my interest: mine is an unusual name, and this firm was the only other instance of it I had come across at that time. We received some support from the firm, which is still in existence even now.

By Roger Plenty
On 05/01/2011

Sad to see her in this state. I found this page by searching after reading a back-issue of 'Light Steam Power' from 1975. This describes "Progress with SS Resolute" with a couple of photos. They look like a vessel in need of restoration, but still well capable of being saved. It also gives Roger as a contact address.

By Andy Dingley
On 05/08/2011

Sorry to read your comments about the boat.  My dad is now trying to restore her as much as he can as a house boat but everything had been scrapped.  He has hunted down all the brass porthole windows and any other parts he can find.  The top will be different from the picture now.  He spends most of his spare time working on her.  If anyone has some pictures of her they would like to share that would be great.

By David Burge
On 07/01/2013

I have only just discovered these comments about the Resolute.  I have a photo from possibly early 1920s (maybe later) of my grandfather's St John Ambulance trip on the steamer and I wondered if you are still interested in seeing photos for the purpose of restoring the vessel.  Please let me know.  Regards.

By Pam Taylor
On 23/11/2018

I went to Pinmill last year to see the Resolute for myself as there was a possibilty that the engine was still in the hull. My interest in her comes from the fact that I own her generator engine which has now been restored to full working order , including the governor and is steamed on a regular basis. The engine now resides in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to look on board the Resolute but I did manage to speak to 2 gentlemen who were working on a nearby houseboat and they informed me that the main engine had been smashed up to remove it. Such a waste.

As far as I could see the hull is in reasonable condition and was afloat and sported a fresh coat of paint but her superstructure has been replaced by a chalet of sorts.


By Bert Kleinbussink
On 11/12/2020

Hi, could the owner get in touch with me on Facebook pm me please Richard cox

By Richard Cox
On 14/10/2022

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