Southtown Maltings

Photograph of the malting process

By Emma Sealy

Malting - Watney Mann Ltd., Southtown Maltings, High Road, South Town.

Photo:Turning barley using malt forks

Turning barley using malt forks

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I believe that the Nazis did their best to restrict or eliminate the German brewing trade. I do know that by 1943, brewing had stopped in Germany.   I'd welcome information about immediate pre-war and post-war German brewing, since the 1930s and 40s were watershed years for their breweries. Lots of breweries didn't survive the war, and I believe that some historical types of beer died out during this time. The source for the information on German brewing might have been Holland, which was still desperately trying to be neutral, or the U.S. which still had a fair number of German sympathizers in 1940.

By Faith
On 20/11/2015

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