Catching the Fish - why use drifters?

Picture of a drifter at sea

By John Layton

Herring are fish that swim and feed close to the surface (hence their camouflaged colouring), so, to catch them, nets are hung vertically in the water, like a string of huge tennis nets so, at night time, the fish would blunder into the nets and be caught by their gills.

This method of fishing is known as drift netting because, once the nets have been put out, the boat drifts slowly backwards to keep the nets out in a straight line.

Photo:Drifter hauling nets

Drifter hauling nets

Great Yarmouth Musuems

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Magic picture for me brings back memories of my boy hood in the drifters from N. Shields in the 50,s and its not often there are pictures of the silver darlings in the nets
''Up she go down '' as the mate 'Mud' would say
See a book called Beyond the piers By Ron Wright

By Sid Cullen
On 22/11/2008

What were the different roles played by crewmwn on a drifter. Just curious?

By Toks
On 17/09/2011

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