Grouts Silk Factory Information Request

By Alison1 Frosdick

If anyone has any information regarding grouts silk factory and the houses which were on this site which was based on the current Great Yarmouth Sainsbury's site and its history please could you contact me, I am in the process of writing a book on my grandmother's life she is 101 and a half and was born at factory house and remembers as a small child going to feed the silk worms.
Any information would be great gratefully received thank you for your help.

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My Mother worked at Grouts (I don't know how long for) before she married my father.  Her name was at that time Gladys Pigden and lived in Row 109.  Her married name was Farrow, she past away age 89 2 years ago.  They left Yarmouth in 1950 to go to Australia with me.  I now live in California, for the last 42+ years they did also.  Like to know how the book comes along. Tony Farrow

By Tony Farrow
On 09/01/2012

Several generations of my family worked at the silk factory, probably from around the 1830s, my Gtx4 grandfather was a nightwatchman and his wife a cleaner, various others are listed a silk factory workers. They all lived in Factory Yard until one became a shoemaker and eventually moved to Lancaster Square.

By Alan Jordan
On 23/01/2012

I lived in Belfort Place (Grouts Social Club and Canteen) with my parents, Albert and Doris Grant, from the age of ten until I went to Regent Street Polytechnic in London at the age of seventeen. Our nearest neighbours at number 17 were the Bayfield Family, Mr (Shinny) Bayfield drove a meat lorry, they had a daughter Betty, thee sons, Boyo, Sidney and Derek and a younger daughter who I think was called Ann. Derek was my pal, being of similar ages. Sidney managed Middleton's newsagents on the market place near to Brewery Plane. A few doors up at no.20(?) were the McCullock's who had a daughter, Colleen, who used to go in for the amateur singing competitions at the Marina on Wednesday afternoons and won quite a few! At no. 5(?) were Mr and Mrs Gallant with daughter Dorothy and son Bertie (another playmate). Mrs Knight, an elderly lady, lived at no. 36, she had a sister who lived at either 47 or 48 but I can't remember her name. Going back to 1901 my mother, Doris, was born in no.20 St Nicholas Road, just on the corner of Belfort Place. Her maiden name was Valentine. (She wasn't much of a traveller!) Purely as an aside, no.8 St Nicholas Road, set back from the road and into the east side of the chip shop (7a) had a very large Mulberry Tree in the back garden, obviously to supply leaves for the silk worms.

By Peter Grant
On 11/09/2013

Hello, I'd like to revive the VIC Washing Square, originally made by Grouts.  If anyone has information about how to reproduce the fabric or who might have that information, I'd love to hear about it.  Thank you.

By Beverly Gibson
On 04/02/2018

My father in law was evacuated to Wetley Rocks, Staffordshire during WW2 with his family. His mum and dad were working at Grouts, at Great Yarmouth but the factory was 're-located to Leekbrook, Staffs ?'.

Does anyone remember this and have any memories? Google searches do not show anything.

Best regards, Gavin

By Gavin Hawkes
On 21/11/2018

I have a small bag of snippets of silk from this factory. These came from my Godmother, Clara Ives , who worked there. These are beautiful, brightly coloured pieces, which you can't believe are so old. They must be pre 1963, but I don't know how old.

By Anne Anderson
On 01/06/2018

Hi, Just found out my mum worked there in 1939, she would have been 19 back then, she lived in Alma Road Great Yarmouth with her parents, don't know how long she worked there for. Her name was Daphne Land

By sheila merritt
On 23/11/2018

My mum Valerie Cattee worked at Grouts during the war, and my father Ronald Sanderson, they met at one of the Grouts dances in 1942. Sadly have just lost mum, but they had over 60 years of Happy married life thanks to that meeting.

By beverley lynk
On 12/02/2021

Ann Anderson,those pieces of coloured silk you refer to,I used to supply some of the Mods in Yarmouth with these to place in their top pocket of their Mohair suits,I worked as a piece cutter in 1966 ish.

By Richard stuart
On 29/01/2024

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