Named Bus

By Laurence Wiles

I was trying to think of a Yarmouth blue bus that I saw near the pleasure beach which had a name on the front between the headlights,it was an Leyland Atlantian double decker 1970's there abouts the name was somthing like William Wordsworth I wonder if somone can help me with this and if so what happend to that vehicle.Many thanks Laurence.

This page was added by Laurence Wiles on 20/07/2011.
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I think Ive found out the answer to the named double decker, Leyland Atlantian It was [David Copperfield] Cheers Laurence.

By Laurence Wiles.
On 05/08/2011

With ref to the named bus , the Leyland Atlanteans were named after Dickens characters i.e. Peggoty ,David Copperfield etc. Mind you that was up until 1971 when I left Yarmouth Corporation. Whether they changed the names later I know not.

By Keith Banner
On 11/08/2011

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