Norfolk's War Project

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By Colin Stott

Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service and BBC Voices  worked with students from Cliff Park, Oriel, Neatherd, Springwood and Park high schools to create some exciting new learning resources for schools.  We have created five short “radio programmes” about life in wartime Norfolk from interviews with people who lived through the war. There is also a selection of archive images linked to each programme. You can find these in the Gallery section of the E2BN website at:

This project was funded by MLA as part of the "Their Past Your Future" programme. The picture above shows Judy Swain in her gas mask. It is reproduced courtesy of Norfolk Libraries and Information Service - Picture Norfolk Archive.


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By Stan
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Does anyone know when Coastal Gun site which was on the Cliffs at Gorleston was knocked down?

By Mike Godfrey
On 23/06/2015

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