May Johnson, ATS 1943, request for information.

PTe May Johnson W/113897

By Linda Storr

This is really a request for help, not as such a contribution.

My Aunt, May Johnson, was one of the ATS girls who lost their lives on the 11th May, 1943, during a bombing raid.

After attending the cenotaph in Louth this morning, where she hailed from.  I wondered if anyone could give me any information about my Aunt.

I have very little to go on, however I have an old photograph, which belonged to my late father.  My father, along with some of his siblings were in a children's home in Horncastle at the time.  Their older sister was their promise of freedom from the home, unfortunately she died before she could help them.

I also found a photograph on the 'Back to Normanby[Normandy?]' website, and think my Aunt is one of the ATS girls on the photograph, when I compare it to the photograph I have in my possession.  Unfortunately, the creator of the site could not confirm this.

I wonder if anyone has any information on May Johnson.

Many thanks

Linda Storr


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