A visit to the Hippodrome Circus

Photographs of a circus performance, c. 1960

By Laura Matthews

Mr Caton took these photographs of the Hippodrome Circus on a trip to see the performance with his daughters in the 1960s.

George Gilbert, a circus promoter from Norwich, opened a Circus building on the site of the Bath House Stables in 1898, and he found it so successful that he built the present Hippodrome, (from the Latin 'hippo', meaning horse) which opened in 1903.

Photo:Trapeze artists

Trapeze artists

Courtesy of Mr Caton

Photo:Juggling with chairs

Juggling with chairs

Courtesy of Mr Caton



Courtesy of Mr Caton



Courtesy of Mr Caton

Photo:Low wire act

Low wire act

Courtesy of Mr Caton

Photo:Balancing act

Balancing act

Courtesy of Mr Caton



Courtesy of Mr Caton

Photo:Clown band

Clown band

Courtesy of Mr Caton

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There was a resident clown called Little Billy who was a midget, he was on at Great Yarmouth Hippodrome Circus in the 1970s.

By Kathleen Kennedy
On 21/01/2008

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