Art School as Civil Defence Headquarters - does anyone have information on the history of the building?

photograph of the Old Art College, Trafalgar Road, in wartime

By Paul Douch

The old art college in Trafalgar Road holds happy memories for many former students.  But did you know that as the civil defence headquarters it was the building where emergency services were coordinated during the war years?

We'd like to hear from you if you have memories of working or studying in this landmark building.

Photo:Art School as Civil Defence HQ in Second World War

Art School as Civil Defence HQ in Second World War

Great Yarmouth Museums

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I remember the Art School - it was where I studied the finer arts of decorating under Mr. Buck, but I believe there was another teacher before him who also taught us but sorry can't remember his name. Maybe some of the other lads who were there at that time can remember, who the other teacher was before Mr.Buck. We used to do brush graining and sign writing, marble coating and so forth.

I was apprentice at Lacons Brewery Building Department which had its offices between the Hospital School and Jack Mays butchers shop and the workshops down St Nicholas Road.

By charles grimmer
On 04/03/2010

I attended styles school just down the road from 66 till 70. We used to go to the art school once a week for metal work. I loved it.

By valerie patterson
On 06/09/2010

I attended art school at Yarmouth in the late 1960s, attending art/design in display. I loved it and went on to a fantastic career; many thanks to a Mr Allders.  I would be interested in the history of the school and the building itself.  Gail Hartshorne (Brier)

By Gail Hartshorne
On 29/08/2012

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