Great Yarmouth Fish Wharf

Photograph of barrels stacked on Great Yarmouth Fish wharf

By Oliver Cruickshank

Photo:Busy Scene on the Fishwharf

Busy Scene on the Fishwharf

Great Yarmouth Port Authority

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The number 2 bus used to run from Newtown to "Fishwharf" and my mother was so keen to get us out of her way, (us my sister and I), she gave us the bus fare for a ride there and back. But not us, we went to watch them unload the fish. Well we were amazed how many herring fell out of the baskets (crans). They were so busy they didn't see us picking up fish from the quay,and we picked up as many as we could and ran. Our mother was so pleased at such a haul, she strpped us and put us both in the bath not together of course.

By david leggett
On 21/01/2009

A cran (basket) which is mentioned above is a measure for fresh herrings 37 + half gallons.

By Ashley Crisp
On 25/04/2012

In the early 1950's, my mother used to push me and my sister in the pram from Gordon Road (off Southtown road) up and over Haven Bridge and down the Quay to the Fishwharf.  The Herring would be unloaded by swinging the crans across from the boats onto the wharf.  The fish (silver darlings) would spill out over the cobbles, and my mother would gather some up, wrap them in newspaper and put them under the mattress of our pram and push us all the way back to Gordon Road.  We were bought up on a diet of herring, and Roe and it was very healthy, and cost her nothing!!  

By Pam Gilbert
On 15/07/2014

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