Yarmouth Belle

Photograph of the Yarmouth Belle, North Quay, Great Yarmouth

By Neil Cox

Here is a view of the Yarmouth Belle at North Quay or as it is known now Stonecutters Quay. She was built for Thomas Bradley of Great Yarmouth this shows the passengers' on board awaiting to depart on a trip to the broads.

Photo:Passengers on the Yarmouth Belle going on a trip to the broads

Passengers on the Yarmouth Belle going on a trip to the broads

N. Cox

This page was added by Neil Cox on 10/05/2007.
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I have seen several photos like this one. I believe it was taken to sell to the passengers. They all have a number scratched into the emulsion of the negative/plate that printed black on the photo. It's possible that the picture was taken before the boat left and was rush processed to be available for sale upon return. It looks like the whole boat was photographed in one go.
Later in the 1950s George Meadows who worked for J Barker & Sons Ltd used to get on board the boat and photograph the passengers in small groups. He would then have to get off before the boat sailed to get the photos processed in time for its return. Sometimes he did not get off in time and had to take a cruise as well.
In the 60s Meader's Deneside Studio used to take these photographs.

By Paul Godfrey
On 06/05/2008

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