Landing the Catch

Photograph showing a typical boat landing its catch

By John Layton

ThisĀ is one of a series of cards which were produced by a cigarette manufacturer, to promote the sales of their merchandise. It shows herring being unlaoded in Cran baskets on the Quayside.

Photo:Herring being unloaded on the quayside

Herring being unloaded on the quayside

Great Yarmouth Musuems

This page was added by John Layton on 12/01/2007.
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I would like to share that when a young lad, I and my younger brother would play truancy from school spending the majority of our time and days between the palladium and the quay usually nicking a herring or two to take home for tea. During a six month period, we spent less that a week at school running wild while waiting to come to Canada. I am not proud of the fact, though I must admit we learned all the ins and outs of the buildings and roads in order to successfully allude to truancy officer on his peddle bike.

By Barrie
On 06/05/2008

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