GY Shipping Co.

By Gordon Kerr

How time fly's was looking through some old papers .came across my old seaman's discharge book .Saw my time on the N Trader May to October 64 which saw me thinking of time spent in G Y. I was looking at some clips on you tube about GY and could not believe the changes to the river. I would never have recognised it when we were in GY most times we were in from Friday and sailed again Monday usually to Rotterdam. When in GY at weekend I used to do a Nightshift at the soft drinks factory, I think it was hunts ? As our wages were not great back then and as we had to pay so much towards our food a shift at the factory was handy. I have never been back to GY since I left the N trader in Oct 64. It's funny as when I left the M navy in 72 I became a long distance driver and travelled all over Britain but never went to Yarmouth. Maybe one day I will manage. Some people say change is for the better but not always. Call me old fashioned but I still think life was better before mobile phones and computers. That's just an o.a.p being reminiscent 

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