The Great Flood

60 years on!

By Tanya Tosh (Boast)

Last week was the 60 year anniversary of the 1953 flood.  I remember that January night well.  My sister Alison, and I were at a party round Cobholm, near to where we lived, and our Dad picked us up early due to the wind and rough weather.  At 7 years old and small I struggled to walk against the wind and held Dad's hand tight.  We lived in a first floor flat, near the Haven Bridge over the river Yare; so later that night when the water came over and up the drains I was able to watch everything from our front room window.  My Dad and older brother, Ian, went out in a boat round to Cobholm and brought back people to stay.  After the waters had receded my school was so water damaged I had to go to another school which I hated.  I realise now, as an adult, that we were very lucky as many people died and homes were destroyed. 

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By Janet Reynolds
On 11/09/2013

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