Nottingham Way

By Douglas Ollett

I am doing my family tree and have been looking into my Grandfather’s side and I find that his mother Gertrude Westgate was a silk weaver. I Googled silk weavers of Great Yarmouth and this site popped up and there was a large bit about the silk factory in Great Yarmouth, so I am hedging my bets to see if there is any person can fill me in on the background. I have also found out that my Mother was a weaver in Grouts before she married my dad her name was Doris Westgate; she would have been in the factory around the late 40s to mid late 50s. She married in 1956 at St Peter's Church near the top of Nottingham Way, if memory is right this is now the Greek Church? The family lived in the prefabs over at Gorleston they moved to the flats facing the quay at the bottom of Nottingham Way in the late 50s as I have pictures of my christening outside the entrance to the flats. I was also told the Jimmy Clitherow stayed on Nottingham Way when he was playing at the top of Regent Road on the pier; remember seeing him when Nan had tickets from Erie Electronics.

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I have just seen this message  and am able to tell you that Gertrude Westgate was my grandmother.  I didn't know that she was a silk weaver so can't tell you anything about that.  Your Mum, Doris was my cousin but again I didn't know that she worked at Grouts.  I was a bridesmaid at her wedding as well as at her sister, Rita's wedding but can't remember which one got married first.  I remember visiting your Nan and Grandad at Shrublands as well as at South Quay (Nottingham Way).I moved away from Great Yarmouth in 1957.  I also remember visiting your Mum at Glevering Park nr Wickham Market where your Dad, Malcolm was a gamekeeper.  I remember that your Nan worked at Eirie Resistor and that your Grandad, Leslie, was a baker and I believe he worked for Matthes in Englands Lane in Gorleston. I hope this may be of help to you.

By Daf Rayment
On 04/06/2014

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