By Denis Tuck

Pictures of Grouts maintenance team in the 1950's.

My Father, Albert Tuck (known as Teddy) worked at Grouts as a carpenter and joiner. He was the foreman of the maintenance team until its closure in 1972. He is identifiable in the photos by his thick, wavy hair (looking like Mr Whippy!!).

The only others I can name are Reggie Snowling (painter) and Vic Cook (Cookie). I'd be interested to know whether anybody can remember any others in the photos.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Grouts' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Grouts' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Grouts' page
This page was added by Denis Tuck on 01/10/2012.
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Hi Dennis, my father worked at Grouts for over 30 years until he retired.  He used to dye the silks and I have a picture of him in the factory standing in front of the huge rolls of fabric on the machine feeding into the dyes.  My dad’s brother also worked there and there was a band made up of musicians; Dad’s brother played saxophone and clarinet.  I have a photo of the full band but I can’t date it as Uncle Harry retired as he was older, being the eldest of seven Brackenbury I also have a brother Ralph now 80 years of age who also worked at Grouts but left to become a teacher and is still alive and living in Gorleston.  Hope this may be of interest to you, best regards.

By Brian Brackenbury
On 14/01/2013

Hello Brian, thanks for offering extra info about Grouts.  Are you going to add your photos to this site as I would be interested to see them? Bit of a coincidence... your brother, Ralph, was my teacher at Alderman Leach in 1964.... wonder if my name rings a bell with him?  My wife (who used to teach) also recognises his name....did he ever teach in Bradwell?  Regards Denis Tuck

By Denis Tuck
On 28/01/2013

How interesting Brian, I think you may be talking about my late grandfather, who was your uncle. He was my mum's father and died when I was quite young. My mum is Effie Brackenbury (Ellis by marriage) and also worked at Grouts factory as did her late sister Ellen amd my late grandmother Winnie Brackenbury.My mum often talks about how musical my grandfather and his family were. Would be lovely to see your photo Brian as I have only one photo of my late grandparents. Shame families don't keep in touch. Kind Regards Michelle.

By Michelle Tambling
On 24/05/2013

My grandmother Doris Grant was the steward of the grouts club, and I used to stay with her and my grandad Albert in the 1950's as a child. I played on the tennis courts and explored the billiard rooms. I can still remember grandad rolling the bowling green flat and being taken to see the silent looms in the factory when the workers had gone home. My grandfather used to cook canteen meals for the workers and because he could cut thin slices of meat from a joint was told to "Shut that window, Albert before the meat blows off the plate!" they were some of the happiest days of my life.

By Sandy roper née grant
On 18/02/2014

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