St Andrew's School

By John Grimmer

I attach a class photo of my infant's school, St. Andrew's School.  This was taken probably in 1949/1950, and I think it was the second year of the three years that was spent there; after which most would have moved on to the Priory School.  St Andrew's School was a lovely little school attached to St Andrew's Church which stood on the site where Staples is today at the bottom of Fuller's Hill, but sadly demolished many years ago.  The imbalance between boys and girls is striking - 16 boys and 23 girls!!  I think the head mistress was a Miss Knights but cannot remember any other teacher's names.

All of those in this picture will reach the age of 70 within the next year, but memories are still strong. I can still name around 50% of those pictured and still see a few around the town -  I am in the middle of the front row, sitting cross legged - something I have not been able to do for many, many years!

Will any of my old classmates see this and perhaps add their memories?

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This page was added by John Grimmer on 18/09/2012.
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I was delighted this morning to meet with John Grimmer, both of us qualifying for pensioners flu jabs at the local surgery.  He told me about this website I am at the right end of the third row.  I loved being at St. Andrew's and I remember my first headmistress as Miss Cullingford a wonderful kind and caring lady.  My best friend was Carolyn George, second row, third from the left, who became my bridesmaid many years later.  I remember going into St. Andrew's Church from the school through a doorway covered by a velvet curtain with enormous metal rings, I thought this was the "iron curtain" all adults were talking about at the time.

By Linda Fellas Traill
On 15/10/2012

I was so pleased to find this website and also to see this picture; I am on the back row, fifth from the right.  I remember Miss Cullingford and several of my classmates in the picture including Linda Traill and Carolyn George.  I lived in South Market Road.  Happy memories.

By Pat Julier (nee Staines)
On 19/02/2013

I found this website by chance and am so pleased I did.  I am on the back row, fifth from the right.  I remember Linda Traill, Carolyn George and Miss Cullingford, I think the teacher on the left was Miss or Mrs Harboard both lovely ladies.  I can name several of the girls in the photo but can’t place any of the boys.  I have also got this photo.  I can remember a dinner lady called Mrs Bishop who used to stand over me to make me eat my dinner.  From St Andrews we then went to the Priory and I have a group photo which was either class J2 or J3 I think.  I lived on South Market Road.  Such happy days and memories.

By Pat Julier (Nee Staines)
On 19/02/2013

I can remember going to St Andrews School.  I would have been there from circa 1957.  Does anyone have any photos from that time or remember me? 


By Margaret Smith (nee George)
On 27/04/2015

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