Dunkirk Evacuation

Family history

By Keith Batty

I used to visit Great Yarmouth for holidays with my parents in the late '50s & '60s and would always insist on a trip on the "Eastern Princess" (never the "Norwich Belle") each year.
After several years and now in my early teens, my mother mentioned that one of the pleasure boats had taken part in the Dunkirk evacuation but unfortunately I did not question her further. Upon reading comments on this site, I have noted my favourite boats role in that operation and from research also note that "Oulton Belle" (now "Regal Lady") sister of "Norwich Belle" also took part, (I intend a trip on her when I visit Scarborough on 9/6/12).
Family history research has produced evidence that my father's brother William was evacuated from France with the BEF in June 1940 so I am presuming this is how my mother knew about the pleasure boats' contribution.
Does anyone know if "Norwich Belle" also played a part in the British Army's deliverance?
If so, I regret never having sailed on her and wish I could turn back time and pay tribute to her.

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Comments about this page

Does anyone know of the final fate of the NORWICH BELLE? After the D.o.T refused to renew her passenger certificate she was sold for use a diving support ship leaving Great Yarmouth. Later it was reported that she had left the UK for use in Egypt.

By Barry Bridges
On 02/07/2012

I know the Golden Galleon was used at Dunkirk...?

By James Wilson
On 03/09/2012

For Barry Bridges. The NORWICH BELLE was last heard of (2009) based in Elat Israel, used as some kind of ferry.

By Peter George
On 01/10/2012

I read or heard somewhere that the Norwich Belle was used a a coal barge before it was converted into a pleasure boat.

By Kathleen Kennedy
On 04/02/2013

I also have been trying to find out what happened to the Norwich Belle, and was also told that she had gone to the port of Eilat. I have a photo of the boat in Eilat, but looking of the two pictures of the boat one taken in Yarmouth harbour and one in Eilat, i don't think it is the same boat. The shape of the hull is completely different shape.

By G Crossman
On 27/11/2013

During the last war the Norwich belle was used as a fire tender on the river thames she was never a barge the lily was turned into a barge she definatly went to Elat my good Freind peter allard took a picture of her in elat with a complete white paint work

By richard cox
On 29/04/2014

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