Calling all Barrow Boys and Girls.

By Brian Sones

I found the article on “luggaging” very interesting, reminding me of my own experiences of doing this in the early 1950’s.

There were quite a number of enterprising youngsters who worked the various railway stations.

 I lived in Southtown, but not finding much activity at this station, I centred my “luggaging” activities on Vauxhall, which was a considerable distance to walk from home.

After I had delivered a client from Vauxhall to an address close to Beach station, I would go there, hoping to get some easy trips from there to hopefully, some addresses close by.

My best result for a day was 34 Shillings, which I considered to be a good result.

Philip Winterburn, living in Audley Street, really had “it made” being so close to the action at Beach Station.

Philp, Neville Westgate, Gordon Nicholls and myself were of similar age and all of us were students at the Great Yarmouth Technical High school.

I have lived in South Australia since September 1962, I have not had any contact with any of them, I wonder how they are, and what became of them over all those years?

I would be pleased to hear from any of them through this Web Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This page was added by Brian Sones on 24/06/2011.
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Hi Brian, nice to hear from you after all this time, send me an email and we can have a chat take care, Philip

By Philip Winterburn
On 08/06/2012

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