Old school photograph probably guessing taken 1890's

Gt Yarmouth

By Shirley Waring

Can anybody help with this photograph?
I found this unmarked school photograph while going through my late father's possessions.  I am hoping that I am looking at my grandmother as a school girl.  She was born in Gt Yarmouth in 1884.  Can anybody recognise the location?
Kind regards

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This page was added by Shirley Waring on 19/04/2011.
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Hello Shirley, I don't know if you had any replies; I have just come across your photograph. My grandfather was born in St Peters Road in 1880 and I have a schoolbook of his marked "British School, Yarmouth". It is undated but from the quality of the drawing and mapping inside I would say he would be about 10 or 11, so a bit older than the children in this picture. Did anyone identify what school it was? I would love to find out more about his life as a child with his 5 siblings.

By Susan
On 21/05/2012

Hello Susan. Sadly you are the only person who has replied to this posting. Both my dad's parents were born and lived in Gorleston-on-Sea, Gt Yarmouth so I was really hoping somebody would recognise the building - obviously long since demolished or even bombed during WW11!

By Shirley Waring
On 06/07/2012

Shirley, I have a very similar photo of my grandfather, who lived and died in Gorleston. The photo was taken in 1913 it has a chalk sign saying St Andrews year V. My photo looks like it was taken in the same place. Mike

By Mike Martin
On 30/07/2012

Thanks Mike, you have given me hope that this photo does include my Grandmother as she lived close by on High Street, Gorleston on Sea - I can't find a St Andrew's School on Google but you have proof that there was one once. How do the clothes compare with your photo - I was guessing my photo was taken about 1900-05?

By Shirley Waring
On 31/07/2012

I wonder if any one have got any old photos of cliffpark high school .in the 1960s

By Jane irving
On 06/03/2014

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