Summer Rhapsody

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Britannia Pier

By Roy Nichols

In response to Mr John Layton's request for information to a particular show on the Britannia Pier, as shown in the pre 1954? photo.

May I make reference to my letter that was added to the events page, floods 1953, commenting to Reggie Nichols and his "Billy the Scroby Seal" side show on the Britannia Pier.

Enclosed are two photographs of myself aged nearly 5 years old with some other children offering the seal some birthday cake.  The blackboard held by one of the children has written on "24th June 1949 - Many happy returns of the day Billy from all pet lovers".

The birthday event was really an anniversary of when he was found by Reggie Nichols as an abandoned orphaned Scroby Seal!!!

Unfortunately I cannot recall any of the childrens names.  The lady kneeling beside me is "NAN KENWAY" of the comedy duo "Nan Kenway and Douglas Young" of radio and theatre fame.  They were appearing as the stars of the Britannia Pier production of "Summer Rhapsody" that season. It must has been a good show because the expensive seats were priced at 4/6d.

The event was used as an advertising promotion for the Britannia Pier and Great Yarmouth attractions that year and was reported in the Yarmouth Mercury on 1st July 1949.  The paper was priced at 3d in old money.

I wonder if any of the children in the photograph recognise themselves?


Roy Nichols


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