Priory School Reunions

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By Colin Stott

On 24th September 2010 Time & Tide played host to a reunion of former pupils from the Priory school in Great Yarmouth. Around 50 people turned up to meet old friends who were at the school during the 1940s and 50s. It was a very lively morning with lots of memories being shared. The event was organised by Colin Browne, assisted by staff at the museum. 

If you were at the reunion and would like to stay in touch with old friends then please leave comments on this page. 

This page was added by Colin Stott on 12/08/2010.
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To all who keeps up on the school reunion, I received some sad news on one old friend who has passed away plus some others. But if there are any brothers /sisters/children / or even grandchildren of any in the photo pass your messages along to be read out on the day -  24 of Sept. Many Thanks Colin Browne

By colin browne
On 01/09/2010

I also went to Priory School and St Andrews, Fullers Hill on the Conge. I have a photo of me and the under 15's football team and I also done a lot of athletics. I grew up with Colin Brown and Colin Hill. I am Colin Attwood known as the 3 Colins. I also know most of the people in these articles. I lived on 10 Silkmills Road next to Jack Cooks the Bookies. I would like to meet some of these people. I see Norman Balls when I go to Races as he is in the ring.

By Colin Atwood
On 06/09/2010

I will be there on the 24th. Hope I will not be on my own.

By Norman Balls
On 06/09/2010

Hi old priory boys. I remember Mr Sillas head master. He caned me a few times. Mr Bunting was my teacher before I left school. I also remember the names of the other teachers. Good memories. Bye

By Bob Wynes
On 06/09/2010

I was at the junior school from1947 to 1950. The two teachers I remember the most were Mr Kitchener and "Ernie Thompson". Others were Mr Curl, Miss Louther and Miss Knights and "Horrie" Holdsworth who was the deputy headmaster to Mr Sillis. He always took assembly on Thursdays and we always had to recite The Creed. I also remember Mr Kite`s ritual beatings of offenders in the senior playground at afternoon assembly. Happy days !!!

By Brian Wadsworth
On 08/09/2010

To all who have put in comments. Just to put you at ease so far there will be at least nearly 25 to 30 old boys (and girls). There Norman Balls will be pleased to see you & Bobby Wynes. Was your mum a dinner lady? If so we are very old mates & to all the rest who read this page looking forward to our meeting. Colin Browne

By colin browne
On 20/09/2010

Thanks to the staff ant the Time and Tide for the great reunion for the Old Priorians I am speaking to Mr, Newman the Town Center Manager about the possibilty of a night for the OPs at the Gt. Yarmouth Beer Festival next May. Watch this page.

By Norman Balls

By Norman Balls
On 15/10/2010

My brother Brian Sheldrick - not Sheldrake - is third from right - front row in your 40's pic of the Priory Boys. Unfortnunately, I only just picked up the Sept 2010 reunion notification and although he's domiciled in Spain these days, I'm sure he would loved to have been with some of his old school chums - Maurice Musgrave, Roger Foulkes to name a few. I went to Tech High but used to hang around with Brian and his Priory mates and being 2 years younger looked up to them in certain awe! We lived in Deneside next door to BHS which swallowed our house as part of it's expansion.

By Edward Shedrick
On 06/01/2011

I remember the teachers also Mr Warner, Mr kenyon. I was at the Priory 1948 to 1955. I live in Pembrokeshire and still visit Yarmouth.

By michael thorne
On 06/01/2011

Brian Sheldrick here, currently living in Spain. I found the photograph interesting, although rather small to recognise all the faces. It would have been useful if the names of each student could have been listed, although I picked out Brown, Leslie Palmer, Baden Goffin, Edmunds and of course Teacher Eric Green. Some faces, I cannot put names to, and need some sort of reminder. Congratulations on the efforts put into a reunion. One face I didn't see was my old school 'buddy' Maurice Musgrove!

By Brian Sheldrick
On 06/01/2011

A number of the Priory School teachers subsequently transferred to the Styles Secondary School during the early 60s ie Mr Holsworth (woodwork including making sea fishing rods) , Les Bunting (maths) , Lillian Lawrence (English, & she and her brother owned the house now called the Chateau Hotel on North Drive with the distinctive spired roof), Mr Warner (science and maths, his father owned Warner's Butchers on Southtown Road near the Haven Bridge), Mr Kenyon (history and civics ... and he was also something of a political activist and attempted to convert all his pupils to be Socialists/Labour Party supporters), and possibly Mr Blake (music) and Mr Thomas (Welshman, who became Headmaster at Styles) . Any Priory pupils from the c. WW2 years may also recall Mr Saunders who subsequently became Headmaster of Westbourne Boys' School in Ipswich where I was a pupil from 1958/61 before my family moved back to Gt Yarmouth. And you may also recall Bernadette Quayle nee Duffy who taught at the Priory School during WW2 and was a friend of my parents when my father managed Greens' Store in Gt Yarmouth during the early 40s. Bernadette probably still has relatives in Great Yarmouth ie Mervyn and Kevin Duffy whose parents Frank and Doris Duffy once had a guest house on Trafalgar Road Great Yarmouth. Frank Duffy worked as carpenter/shop fitter for either Arnold's or Palmers Dept Store. Best wishes, Duncan Kirkwood in Peterborough

By Duncan Kirkwood
On 28/01/2011

Hi this is Alan Ellis I attended St. Andrews(51/53); Priory (53/57); Styles (57/59); Technical High (59/65). When I was at Priory Mr Green was HM but Mr Kitchener; "Ernie Thompson"; Miss Knights and "Horrie" Holdsworth were there (Horrie moved over to Styles same year as I did). My main mates were Terry Brackenbury; David and John Cubitt (cousins) and Jonathan Broomfiled At Styles Les Bunting taught us enginering drawings; John Gear maths, Mr Dave Warner (science and maths) - keen golfer, can't recall music teacher, Mr. Kenyon (history and civics) was my form teacher. Mr Thomas was HM. I emmigrated to Canada in 1976 and my last visit to Gt. Y. was in 1984. My family moved from Gt. Y in the 90's and our now in the Stowmarket/Needham Market area of Suffolk.

By Alan Ellis
On 17/02/2011

Hi Alan,

Styles' School music teacher who also previously taught at Priory School was Mr Blake ... he drove a white '57 Vauxhall Cresta. Miss Lawrence, Styles' English Language & Literature teacher was somewhat deaf and some of her pupils, especially the girls (it was a co-ed school) took advantage by singing in harmony at the back of the class whilst she was reading Lorna Doone to us ... it was the set book for English Literature. Miss Lawrence often became quite tearful whilst reading the more emotional parts of the story ... and the girls in the back row would then sing something sad to match her mood. Miss Lawrence would then look up from her book, wipe her eye, and exclaim," My word! ... How beautiful!... Mr Blake's class is singing so beautifully this afternoon!" Mr Blake's music room was on the ground floor below Miss Lawrence's classroom. Miss Lawrence treated her class to a slap up 'high tea' at Matthes Restaurant in King Street at the end of term ... all paid for by herself. Best wishes Duncan Kirkwood

By Duncan Kirkwood
On 11/03/2011

Hi Alan, Styles' School music teacher who also previously taught at Priory School was Mr Blake ... he drove a white '57 Vauxhall Cresta. Miss Lawrence, Styles' English Language & Literature teacher was somewhat deaf and some of her pupils, especially the girls (it was a co-ed school) took advantage by singing in harmony at the back of the class whilst she was reading Lorna Doone to us ... it was the set book for English Literature. Miss Lawrence often became quite tearful whilst reading the more emotional parts of the story ... and the girls in the back row would then sing something sad to match her mood. Miss Lawrence would then look up from her book, wipe her eye, and exclaim," My word! ... How beautiful!... Mr Blake's class is singing so beautifully this afternoon!" Mr Blake's music room was on the ground floor below Miss Lawrence's classroom. Miss Lawrence treated her class to a slap up 'high tea' at Matthes Restaurant in King Street at the end of term ... all paid for by herself. Hello Norman Balls ... Are you the same Norman Balls who worked as a GYCT blue bus driver up until c.1967 and then joined the police force? Best wishes Duncan Kirkwood

By Duncan Kirkwood
On 11/03/2011

Hello, I too have a great affinity with The Priory, it seems most of my family went there at some point. Does anyone remember my uncle, Stanely Prime? By working out the dates I'm almost sure he would have been at The Priory in the late 40's - early 50's. I went there in the 60's after going to St Andrews Infants, and also my sister Susan Rantle. Stanley's father was Edward Prime who later owned the slaughter house and had a stall on the market. Thanks for listening.

By Linda Rantle
On 11/03/2011

I wonder if anyone remembers my husband Brian Bernard Crowe who attended the Hospital School end of the 60's early 70's. Sadly he passed away in 2003 and if anyone has any photographs of him I would be grateful.H

By catherine kaminski
On 19/04/2011

I am an ex-pupil of the Priory school 1953-1956. I have lived in the south of Spain for the past 22 years but do get back to UK once a year. I wish I had known about the reunion, I shall look forward to the next one. At the time I lived on St. Nicholas road, so didn´t have far to walk to school. After leaving the Priory I attended the Tech High on Oriel Ave. I recognise the names of the teachers mentioned. Would be glad to hear from anybody who remembers me.

By mike griffin
On 19/04/2011

My best school memories were of the Priory School but mine were in the sixties. But my dad Philip Winterburn was there in the forties with his older brothers and sister,from what i've been told if you knew him you wouldnt forget him,bit of a rogue by all accounts.

By margaret lawrence,formally winterburn
On 19/04/2011

Hi Margaret I remember your brother Michael Winterburn-we were in the same class at the tech high. He used to go around with Roger Johnson and Ralph Littlewood.

By mike griffin
On 06/07/2011

Hi I remember Philip Winterburn I went to the priory school from 1947 untill 1955 Then worked at Grouts Silk Factory doing my apprenticeship as a maintenance fitter and turner Good old days

By Peter Carter
On 06/07/2011

Would love to go to the next reunion

By Peter Carter
On 06/07/2011

Now the names of former teachers of The Priory have been mentioned I can remember them. I was born in Hemsby in 1947 and lived at seven Priory Gardens Gt Yarmouth when my parents moved from Caister. I attended St Andrews on Fullers hill on the Conge in 1952 and moved on to The Priory ( Didn't have far to walk )where I stayed till I was eleven around 1958, then went on to Duncan Hall at Scratby till 1962, then I joined the Royal Navy. If anyone knows me from the old years and would like to get in touch feel free.

By Ashley Crisp
On 04/08/2011

Does anyone remember an Elaine Mary Hill of 20 Boreham Rd, Gt Yarmouth. Would love some information.

By Andrea lucken
On 04/08/2011

My memories are not astute as some of the entries. Born in 1947 and lived at 7 Priory Gardens, attended St Andrews then on to Priory School around about 1957, didn't have far to go to school ! At the age of eleven I attended Duncan Hall School in Scratby. My father was manager of the Co-op butchery shop just off the market. If anyone remembers me it would be nice to reflect on the times gone by.

By Ashley Crisp
On 05/08/2011

My Aunt Vera Rouse was the headmistress of the Priory Girls' School in the late 1940s & 1950s.

By Ray Goddard
On 05/08/2011

Hi I'm a Yarmouth bloater, I used to live in Jubilee Place. Now sadly demolished and buried under the town centre shopping mall. I attended St. Andrews from 1948 to 1951. I would walk with my mother and sisters across the market and up by Lacons brewery on school days always with the smell of the beer as company. I remember the teachers at the time as Miss Phillips. I think Miss Gaynor and Miss Spandler the headmistress. I'm not sure whether I've got the names right but remember Richard Goodall, Micheal Paine, John Sherringham, Geoffrey Bradley, Wendy Hamilton, Caroline Graver and Linda Colby.I have a couple of class photos going back to this time. I left to go to the Priory probably in 1951/52 and went straight into Miss Knight's class but don't remember my class mates names although there was a senior boy wih the nickname of Dido that I remember.A few years later we moved to Essex because of my fathers work but returned home to Great Yarmouth every year for holidays,we stayed with my grandma who still lived in Jubilee Place. She was a Nutman by the way,a name mentioned in other pages of this website,her youngest daughter my Aunt is Heather Nutman who was very involved with the skating at Welllington Pier I remember it all well. My days as a child in Great Yarmouth all seemed quite happy. Colin Boniface 18.7.11

By Colin Boniface
On 05/08/2011

Hi to all of you old (or if you prefer) young Priory Boys & Girls who were at the first reunion at good old Time & Tide Musuem on 2009 there is another meeting this year 2010 on the 13th of October Thursday morning onwards it will be at the old Priory School Girls Side. As the sad part is the T& T Musuem cafe has been closed due to cut backs (shame) as the Priory now is a community trust there will be a cost of £55.00p for the hall so the more people we get to come it will spread the cost The team at the Time & Tide have my (phone number or my email address) if you want to come, it would help me to know how many will attened please contact, see you there Colin Browne

By colin browne
On 05/08/2011

Really sad to have missed the reunion last year, and would love to come to the next one. I attended the Priory as a junior and passed the 13+ to the tech high in 1956. Lots of happy memories would be pleased to elaborate with a longer e mail. Have recognised several of the names that appear and knew all of the mentioned teachers, and especially David Warner who was my last form teacher.

By Clive Thompson
On 11/08/2011

Just a short message to Linda Rantle I knew you uncle Stanley Prime & his mother very well it all came about when we had a school play in the old hall about a time of history on Romans in Britain. I was a Briton and Stans, mum loaned me a brown colour sheep skin rug to dress up in. The play was so good we even played it for the girls school (boys & girls were seperate school ). STAN & HIS MUM lived just off Nicholas Road as you turn into Priory Plain. Some of Stan's old school mates told me of his car accident. I know he would loved to have been at the first reunion. We remember all those who have passed on and at the next reunion will do so again so it was nice to hear from you Linda. If you have any photos of your uncle please be free to come along to our next reunion on thursday 13th Oct priory hall 2011 as my guest see you.

By colin browne
On 05/09/2011

Hi I never went to the school but I'm trying to find out if my dad might have. He unfortunatly passed away five years ago and I know little about his childhood. He would possibly have been at the school between 1947-1955. He would have been known as either George Burgess or George Heape. If anyone did know him I would be really pleased to hear. Thank you for your help ; )

By Sarah Burdett
On 05/09/2011

Hi all, what a pleasant surprise to find this site.     I was at the Priory from about 1949 to 1956; I remember most of the teachers from reading the names. I used to live on Beach Road at the time; other pupils from my road were Roger and Mickey Foxhall, who I used to walk to school with. If any future reunion is held I would like to know about it. I now live near Boston in Lincs, but spent many years in the South West near Honiton.

By Stan Waters
On 21/12/2011

Addressed to Ashley Crisp, I worked with your father at the Co-op early 1940s.  He was very kind and helpful when anticipating being called up.  I was a scholar at the Priory from about 1930 onwards and would have left about 1937. I recently picked up your comments and was so pleased to find reference to your father. Best wishes.

By Roy Edmonds
On 09/01/2012

Hello there, I don't recognise any of the names on this site. I went to St Andrews infants school in the mid 1950s and left the Priory in July 1960 to go to the Girls High School. I loved the Priory, especially after it became co-ed in my last two years and we had two wonderful teachers, Mr Kitchener and Mr Thompson. I now live in Australia but would like to contact anyone from those years and come to a reunion if I could.

By Mandy Scott
On 17/01/2012

What a find this site is! I am Stephen Buchan and attended the Priory 54/59, reading the comments can remember some names and did not know there is such a committed following.  I will be interested to know the date of the next reunion. I have had brief contact with Norman Balls and hope to meet up with him. I left Yarmouth at 18 to work in London and only make an annual visit to meet family. Hope to meet up at the next reunion. Stephen Buchan

By Stephen Buchan
On 06/02/2012

I'm a Yarmouth Bloater. I was at the Priory Junior School from 1959 to 1963, having been at Alderman Swindell Infants School. My Mum sent me to the Priory as she thought the east wind would be too much for my chest at the North Denes. I remember the teachers - Miss Knights, Miss Brookes, Mr Kitchener, Mr Austin and Mr 'Ernie' Thompson and, of course, Mr Green (HT). I am a teacher myself now and have been a Headteacher since 1984. My schools are at Burnham Market and Walsingham and I live in Little Snoring near Fakenham.

By Steven Hales
On 09/03/2012

Hi first a very Happy New Year to all Priory boys & girls.  I read all your comments with great interest and my good Connect friends at the Great Yarmouth end keeps me well informed.  Who wants to know what and where the next reunion will be?  This year 2012 it is in October - the 25th, at the Conservative Club which is in the Market Gates Shopping Centre, 11am onwards in the assembly room; seating and coffee or tea available.  Look forward to seeing you all.  Watch for info in local papers nearer the time.  One person I will look out for is Teddie Spurgeon youngest daughter we did not get much time to talk last year and many many more friends.  Once again thank you Time and Tide staff for great website.

By colin browne
On 20/03/2012

Nice to find this site with the help of my brother Ashley Crisp.  We used to live in Priory Gardens and I went to St Andrews and Priory girls.  Miss Douse was the headmistress. Would be nice to know if another reunion is planned.

By Liz Sawyer
On 16/04/2012

Just found a letter from Roy Edmonds addressed 09/01/2012.  Thanks Roy for those kind words about my, and sister Elizabeth's dear dad. He was much loved by all who came in his contact and is still in our memories after all this time. Thanks again Roy and sorry for not getting in touch before. Ashley Crisp

By Ashley Crisp
On 17/04/2012

It is nice to see all the comments on the site and I hope to see you all at the reunion on the 25th October 2012 at the Conservative Club in Market Gates.  If anyone has old photos please bring along.  I do hope to get around to speak to all this year, sorry if I missed anyone out, look forward to October.

By colin browne
On 30/04/2012

Anyone on here remember a pupil at the school called Gloria Eke? I think early 1960's, I think she was in Doreen Stintons class.

By Julie Alderton
On 23/07/2012

Can you post the time of the next reunion on this site please, as I do not live in the area I do not see the local papers but would like to attend. Many thanks great to see the old names again.

By Stan Waters
On 14/08/2012

Hello, my children went to Northgate St Andrews School and Priory in the 1960's, their names were Kerry Turner and Ivan Turner.  Kerry was in the same class as Linda Rantle (Ferguson), who has written in this column; her mum Dorothy was my friend as I lived very close to the school in Alderson Road.  Lovely to see info about these schools.

By Janet Nolan
On 26/09/2012

Hi Norman and all Old Priorians great to note that there is a reunion in October which I hope to make, and meet Norman and other school colleagues.

By Stephen Buchan
On 15/10/2012

Hello, I was a pupil at this school when Miss Douse was headmistress. I remember Linda Trail and Glendale Boniface as pupils.

We lived at 8 St Nicholas Road and my father owned the fish and chip shop at the same address.

Anybody remember me?

By Marguerite Colby (Now living in Australia)
On 22/10/2012

Today I joined with many other persons for the Priory School reunion that was held at The Conservative Club in Great Yarmouth.  As I was not aware of the past get together reunions I was very pleased to be able to attend this one.  I must admit it was very enjoyable to meet people that I had not seen for many years and to chat about the good times that we had when we were just youngsters.  May I take this opportunity to thank the organisers who give their time to arrange this get together as I look forward to being in the good company again next year.  Wishing everybody all the best thank you, Regards Peter Carter

By Peter Carter
On 29/10/2012

Hi to all readers, on the Priory boys & girls (much older of cause) reunion on the 25th October 2012, it seems everyone had a great time once again. Some new faces turned up Norman Balls collected quite a few names and addresses also email addresses. I did say about the 1953 Coronation banner at the Time & Tide Museum and hope that some of the ladies would take a look at same. I also put in a plug about the Great Yarmouth website run by the T & T Museum, come on get on line its great reading and it's all about us, our town and our old friends; get down to visit to the Museum on Blackfriars Road great staff very helpful with all ages. All off those who picked up my email address hope to hear from you. Health willing to us all see you in 2013.

By Colin Browne
On 05/11/2012

After this year’s reunion at the Conservative Club an idea formed in my mind, as seeing many men and women bringing in lots of photos of their past I thought it would be a great set out for a website so people can approach the Time and Tide with the same idea of any photos with a small write up of what they have been doing since they left the old Priory School.  I am sure there must loads of interesting things out there.  If you use a computer you might be able to help those who do not, or if you have any children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren who will help to get a living history of your life on to this site.  I know that many will be looking forward to some interesting times.  Also a number of modern schools in Yarmouth today would love to know how we faired in 1940s-50s schooling.  Come on old Priory boys and girls drop a line on events, friends and things that made you laugh or cry!

By Colin Browne
On 03/12/2012

Just to wish all who read the web site of Time & Tide and all the staff of the same a very happy New Year 2013. Keep the letters coming, thanks to all for past comments in 2012; what a great year.

On 09/01/2013

Just a short note, sorry I didn’t make the reunion last year intended to but other matters to over.  One of my memories of the Priory was in the woodworking shop.  When the lesson had finished we had to clean up, when everyone had finished you could hardly see across the room for dust.  Would not happen these days but did not seem to harm us much.  Happy days.

By Stan Waters
On 12/02/2013

What a great find this site was.  I went to St Andrews Infants and then on to the Priory.  Miss Douse was headmistress and teachers I can remember were Miss Jary, Miss Phillips, Miss Knights and Miss Lawrence.  I can remember the names of several of the girls in my class.  I have got a group school photo of us which I think is of J2 or J3 year.  I lived on South Market Road.  I can remember Norman Balls.  I hope there is going to be another reunion this year, so that I can come and meet you all.  Ahh!!! they were such happy days.

By Pat Julier (Nee Staines)
On 19/02/2013

I too would like to be informed of the next Priory School reunion. I recognise many of the names in the comments above, and would dearly love to meet up with some of those names. I have lived in France for the last 11 years and relish the possibility of a trip down memory lane.

By Clive Thompson
On 24/05/2013

I was at the Priory School 1948 to 1950 at which time my great friend was John Wharton. We lost touch after our N/S days. My history to date is as a SAS officer as well as being an academic. Billy Sillas, Lesly Bunting, Kite, Hall and that awful man Holdsworth are all very memorable to me. Some of my classmates were Roy Gillings, Ian Nichols and Thompson. I am a member of the Special Forces Club, in London and shall be visiting the UK in March and might get to GY for a day or two. My dream girl friend at the Priory was Diana Parr.

By Brian Mac Ritchie Ph.D
On 03/02/2014

I attended the Priory School in 1948 to 1950 during which time my best friend was John Wharton who was also at the Priory School. My career to date has been as an academic[ late achiever], SAS Officer and a director of Gold Fields of South Africa. Whilst at school my dream girl friend Diana Parr sister of Roy. Those people in my class were John Bales, Roy Gillings, Ivan Nichols. I now live in Australia but will be in Britain during March and may come to GY for a visit. My area of expertise as an academic is in the field of IR with particular reference to Collective Bargaining. My military background is predominantly in Central African anti-terrorism. Regards Brian Mac Ritchie

By Brian Mac Ritchie
On 10/02/2014

Hello Mike Griffen

I remember you very well as a pupil at the Priory school.

The names Ralph Littlewood,Roger Johnson,Michael Winterburn are also entrenched in my memories of a fantastic period in my life

I qualified as an Accountant and moved to the North East of England many moons ago,but still remember those school days very well

Philip Jennings(Beeford,East Riding of Yorks)

By Philip Jennings
On 15/07/2014
Wow what a great site. It certainly brings back mostly fond memories. I attended the Northgate infants, then the Priory from 1952 -57. I played football for the under 11 and 13. Some of my class mates were Michael Lewis, Michael Martins, Michael Lingard, Rex Baldwin, Richard Baker, Malcolm Hodds, John (Chip) Bacon, Colin Burns. The list goes on. HM was Mr. Sillis, then Mr. Green. Teachers were Horrie Holdsworth (lived three houses along on Palgrave Road) Mrs. Knights, Bob Kitchener, Les Bunting, Mr. Warner, Jack Baker. Went to the Tech in Gorleston until 1960. Emigrated to Canada in 1980. Still get back to Yarmouth for visits about once every two years. Michael Baldock 29-7-2014.
By Michael Baldock
On 07/08/2014

Hello, I have just found this page! My name is Isabel Cutler (Hewines)

I went to St Andrew's starting 1950 and then onto Priory until 1954 (when we moved). I still have class photographs from St Andrews.

 Patricia Furness was my friend but also had Rosemary, Christine, Linda and others. I can't remember the boys names although Norman Ball rings a bell???

 Miss Jary and Miss Douse were our teachers at St Andrew's and at Priory Miss E Huckett was a teacher with whom I kept in contact with until she died. I lived at Northgate Hospital(parents worked there).

I am now married living in Fredericton ,NB, Canada, three children and 6 grandchildren. If anyone remembers me let me know. Also I am coming to the UK in September 2015  and will be visiting Yarmouth.

By Isabel Cutler (nee Hewines)
On 12/02/2015
I am just wondering, has anonye ever opted OUT of a family gathering because one spouse (typically the in-law spouse, not the one in the family) has been ostracized or made fun of?We've been in this situation, and it only takes 1-2 people to make someone miserable. But when you live IN the same town, it's hard to make excuses. We can't just be gone the day of that holiday, because then they'll arrange something one, two, three days before. I don't want to be hurtful to those who care, or involve them in unnecessary gossip, but aren't there times when, for the sake of your marriage, it's better to NOT GO than to go and then fight later about how the cold shoulders should've been handled??
By Julie
On 12/02/2015

i knew someone who went to Duncan hall in the 60;s his name was Robert Norman Reynolds he was a cross country runner for the school he passed away 31st dec 2014 age 54 was wondering how I can find any photos of him if any one remembers him or has any photos would be grateful thank you Debbie 

By Debra mulholland
On 27/04/2015

My Dad- Donald Tyson b 1926 Winterton on Sea(I believe) attended the Priory in 1930's. Does anyone know where the school archives are kept please?

By Maggie Risby
On 30/03/2016

I remember Ashley Crisp from my days at Duncan Hall, to say he was a bully would be an understatement. Have a feeling he joined the navy as a cook. I left for Canada in 1969 but still keep in touch with U.K.

By Paul W Hoey
On 30/03/2016

Hi, my name's Fay Page (nee Huggins). i was at Northgate then Priory and then Styles school between 1955-66. I lived on the North Quay. I now live in County Durham. I remember Mr Kenyon and a few others.


By fay page
On 29/04/2016

Faye Huggins, were you in my class at the Priory? I seem to remember your name. I was there from 1956-1960. The class teachers were Ms Grimes Year 1, Ms Huckett Yr 2 and then Mr Kitchener and Mr Thompson when the school went co-ed. My friend Penny Neal was in the class and my cousin Valerie. I have a photo somewhere.

By mandy scott
On 01/05/2017

I was at Priory School from 1965 to 69 and have lots of happy memories. Lovely teachers like Mr Kitchener, Mr Thompson and Miss Mole for Drama and French; plus not so lovely teachers like Miss Brooks! I am now in Manchester but plan a visit to the place which in my heart is still "home" very soon.

By Keith Horner
On 04/02/2018

I too spent many of my formative years in Priory Boys School, then transferring on to Styles, along with most of my contemporaries - I recall all of the staff, and many of the boys and girls, and would love to attend a reunion should one come along - I live in Oxfordshire now but still have family in the town,

Barry Noble - 10/02/2018

By Barry Noble
On 14/02/2018


im a Priory girl , formerly June Folkes

i had 4 happy years at Priory 59/63 and remember all 

the teachers mentioned before.

We had 4 houses, Paston  ( yellow), Paget ( red ) , Palgrave ( blue  and Nelson ( green ), I was in Paston.

My best friend was Rita Jones, who sadly passed away aged 39.

Other classmates I remember were

Margaret George

Sheila Westgate

Joy Starling

Jennifer Elliott

Christopher Rackham

Peter Walsh 

Richard Atkins

Peter Jacobs ( my dance partner )

Stephen Hales

We had dancing every week, and some of us girls would 

put on plays at lunchtimes in the playground.

we bought our school uniforms from Plattens at the bottom of Broad Row.


happy days and fond memories.

June Baldry 

By June Baldry
On 23/11/2018

Hi June Baldry (Folkes) . I was at Priory before your time (early 50's). Are you a relation to Eddy Folkes? who had the antique shop by St Nicholas' church and near the school? My parents knew him well and I spent many a happy hour poking around all the fascinating things in his shop.

By Isabel Cutler
On 19/02/2019

Hello all, 

Normally not one for posting on these sites as I moved away in 1971 and not very many remember me. But I read with the interest the post from June Folkes and she remembers me (as I do her).

June, your memory seems to have not faded with the passing years and I can only hope that your poor tootsies have recovered from my attempts at dancing. I have both fond and dark memories of the Priory but mostly fond. For those of you who don’t remember me I lived in Sidney Close and my father owned and ran the tea-stall by Haven bridge. Stay lucky everyone.

Peter Jacobs.

By Peter Jacobs
On 16/09/2019

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