Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Skating' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Skating' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Skating' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Skating' page

Great Times

By Bryan Harman


My name is Bryan Harman and I was in Skaterscades in 1950 when an idea from Jocelyn and Frank Martin really took off. The club members were so eager we couldn't wait to get started, and when we did, what a GREAT time we all had. I believe that when we had finished our evening  training, we all walked to Vatessi's for a drink and chat.I am now 79 and I still think I could skate, but my friends say I would break something.

Anyway, I met my late wife at the rink. She was Rita Chapman who sadly passed away in 1994. But with memories of the show, the friends, and photos, I can still recall all the pleasures that I got out of it.

If you get the photo's, the long one has me on the LEFT holding out my skirt. Rita is kneeling down 4th from the RIGHT.

Next - Rita dancing with her partner second from the LEFT.

Next  - Rita on extreme Right with two friends,

Next -  A photo of us in normal clothes . I am in the middle with two black stripes on my jumper.

I hope this brings back happy time to all


Bryan Harman

This page was added by Bryan Harman on 28/07/2010.
Comments about this page

My mothers` maiden name was Harman. She used to live in South Quay St in Great Yarmouth with her grandma and siblings Ada and Frank. Her christian name is Joyce. All three children were evacuated to East Markham near Retford.

By harold jardine
On 03/09/2010

Hi harold. Yes you are on the Harman Family tree which at the moment has 1000 + members. Please contact me at Regards Bryan

By Bryan Harman
On 29/09/2010

I would like to contact Bryan Harman, about skaterscades as I was in an act with a comedy bull. And I met my wife there, but now I am on my own.

By Eugene Corkett
On 23/08/2011

I am in the group photo, I am the second male from the left. I was in Scaterscades, doing a comic bull fight. The first male on the left was called Mike, and he was killed in a motor bike accident. I would like to contact anyone that was in the show.

By Eugene Corkett
On 23/08/2011

Eugene Corkett, I was friend with a chap whose first name was Frank - cannot recall surname. He had a crank shaft drive motor cycle, colour green. One Saturday we were at his house at Gorleston and made the Bulls Head out off wire netting and paper mache. I wasn't in any of the skating shows at that time but I think Frank was the front end of the comic bull. I remember the act very well nice to read your comments.

By colin browne
On 24/01/2012

My mums called Ada Hayward nee Harman - sister to Joyce, Frank and Cyril and lived in Great Yarmouth. I have just read my cousin's comment regarding his Grandma Joyce. I am starting to gather together information about my family - the Harman's. I'm trying to trace my Grandmother Edith Winifred Harris - my mum's mother. Edith died at the age of 22, married to William Harman in 1925. I would like to hear from you if you have any information about the Harman Family Tree.

By Mary Wainwright nee Hayward
On 14/03/2012

Eugene Corkett made the bulls head for the comedy bull fight, and performed the act Together with two friends.I have a photo somewhere with Eugene with the bull in Scaterscades with Frank Martin, and Joclyn Taylor.

By Eugene Corkett
On 29/04/2014

My mother Shirley Drew skated here in the 50’s anyone remember her? 

By Annalee Reeve
On 17/03/2021

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