Barrow Boys Gt Yarmouth


Those were the days I was born 1950 and at the age of 10 years I started to earn a livining with my Barrow that my father (Tosh) had made from old wood and pram wheels.

We lived on Audley St right next to Beach Coach Staion as it was Beach Station and going through my childhood I remembered the Steam Trains and there whistle's and smoke rising from the platform roof.

I use to stand outside the booking office double doors and was known by the staff and when it became a coach station also as I was a regular there on a Saturday , and during the week I would go there and pass my playtime with my freinds. The Barrow boys came from all parts of the town and we got to be freinds and rivals with each other.

But when we had problems with the taxi drivers we  would all stick to together , as they didnt like us nicking there trade. I use to earn quite a lot as I was on the scene early about 6am and carried on all day till about 5pm. During this period I would nip indoors for a bite to eat and drink  being close by and this would save me money on food but I always had my sweets.

The longest trip was Caister but I didnt do this many times, I never charged and always left it up to the customer but some of them was realy mean so I started charging a basic rate and hoped for a tip.

During the week I worked for Teddy Spurgen Newsagents as a paperboy doing morning and evening papers seven days a week, he was opposite the Gaibaldi Hotel on St Nicholas Rd.

Well those were the days.

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TO Johnh Attwood,

It was great to read your article on the barrow boys talk about small worlds I too worked sometimes for Teddy Spurgeon and delivered evening papers at all the streets of factory road & I used to barrow from beach station later I went on to work for Butlers wet fish shop as I lived at Swirles buildings I am now 74 years old or young what ever, but enjoy adding to the G Y H website hoping to see more comments.Take care John

By colin browne
On 06/08/2010

Living in Great Yarmouth in the 60s and 70s, young lads would make (or get their dads to make) barrows to go “ luggaging”. This was done on Saturdays throughout the summer, and youngsters would eagerly wait for the next coach to arrive at “Beach Coach Station”. I was one of these lads, and have put down a few words to describe the experience .

Beach Coach Station, that’s the place, Full of people, cars and haste, “A barrow for your luggage sir” Blanking moments-they confer. Then, on the barrow, the luggage goes, Overloaded, and it shows, Give the customer a smile, The destination - half a mile. What reward then for this job? It’s got to be at least Two bob! Then we get to their hotel, The luggage safe, and all is well, “How much have I got to pay?” This, the customer would say. Quite exhausted, feeling blue, I’d reply, “It’s up to you” After receiving a smile of frown, They sometimes gave me half-a-crown! This truly was the bit I like, Some more towards my Chopper Bike! The final words they all would say- “Pick us up next Saturday!!!”

By Mike Howard
On 06/01/2011

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