Cycle Speedway

Photo:Early activity sports

Early activity sports

Photograph taken before the days of specialist bicycles

By Martin Keable

The early 1950's saw visitors trying their hand at activities other than simply enjoying the sunshine and sand. What to us now, in a world of all types of extreme sports, seems to be a very tame form of entertainment was at the cutting edge of the expanding activity based holiday industry.

This page was added by Martin Keable on 15/12/2006.
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Seeing the photo of the young boys on their cycle speedway bikes was very refreshing to the memory. My own boyhood days in the early 1950's were spent in the St Nicholas Road and Northmarket Road area of the town. Some friends and I would use our "skid bikes" on a piece of cinder track of ground besides the Johnsons factory on the Conge, but when the building was extenderd towards the road we could-not use it after that. Another piece of rough land we used for races was on the "dump" behind the Co-op milk bottling depot off Northmarket Road and Cobbs Place. I often went home with grazed legs after falling off my bike after a collision with other riders. Collecting vehicle registration numbers was another interest which was super fun when you showed the latest new number to your friends that hadn't seen the vehicle yet.

By Roy Nichols
On 17/02/2011

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