Britannia pier

An usherettes life

By Sarah Woods

I used to work at the Britannia Pier as an usherette. As an usherette I had various roles. I used to be able to direct people to their seats, man the emergency exits, sell ice creams during the interval (either from an individual tray, from the designated freezers on either side of the stage or in the kiosk in the foyer).There were pros and cons for each sale point.

When I started there Jim Davidson was in for the season. That was a good show to learn the ropes on. You soon learnt that things didn't always work to timings, but you got to learn different cue lines very quickly to let you know how things were going. If Jim was getting good feedback from the audience he could be there an hour or more, if not he stuck to his 45mins contracted stint & not much more.

I was the only girl who begged to be downstairs when we had the Chippendales. Fortunately most of my colleagues were hoping to be allocated a tray or freezer as that meant they'd be in the auditorium longer. I'm afraid that wasn't me. On those nights I didn't need a torch, my face shone like a Belisha beacon! I covered various shows while I was there. I also had the opportunity to turn my hand to sales assistant in two of the pier food outlets. I did the ice cream palour and the donught place. I was intrigued by the way the donught machine worked. The Whippy ice cream machine was a bit too much for me, fortunately I didn't have to cover in there much.

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Comments about this page

Yes Sarah, you did spend most of your time in the Kisok. I should know as I was one of the front of house managers along with Glenys all those years ago.

Luckily for Glenys and I, we had a good team working for us. The Chippendale nights were certainly hard work for us! Felt sorry for the Ushers! LOL.

As for timing of the interval, yes we did have a few major alerts didn't we, where no trays were made up ready for the interval, just as the curtain was coming down. Jim certainly kept us on our toes that summer!

Be good to hear from the other ushers and usheretts to see how they are getting on.


By Julie Nunn
On 17/06/2008

I was one of the few userettes who insisted of not having a tray during the Chippendales shows, so I didn't have to go in the auditorium.

By Sarah Woods
On 15/08/2008

I did a season as an usherette can't remember the year but Dickie Henderson was on and a double act.  Can't remember their names but I laughed every night it was such fun.

By Liz Sawyer
On 18/04/2012

Just remembered the comedy act was Hope & Keen.  I used to work at Spalls in Regent Road during the day and Britannia Pier at night, think I must have been still in school.

By Liz Sawyer
On 18/04/2012

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