Jocelyn Taylor - local star!

Photo:Jocelyn Taylor on the outdoor roller skating rink at Wellington Pier, c. 1950

Jocelyn Taylor on the outdoor roller skating rink at Wellington Pier, c. 1950

Courtesy of Ron Caton

Photograph of Jocelyn Taylor in mid-flight

By Colin Stott

Photograph of Jocelyn Taylor skating at Great Yarmouth Roller Skating Rink.

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In the early 1950s Jocelyn Taylor was at Green Acre rollerskating rink in Gorleston. She was about 18 years old and taught me to skate. Later she moved to Wellington Pier rink. She and her partner Frank Taylor then started the roller skating shows the SKATERCADES.

By colinbrowne
On 06/12/2007

Are you sure it wasn't Gorleston Super Holiday Camp Colin, which had its entrance near the Green Ace garage?

By Dennis
On 21/01/2008

Yes, it was at the old Camp as I lived almost next door at the time and always wanted to skate! Jocelyn taught me at the Wellington and eventually I performed too in the Skaterscades on the outdoor rink in 1965.

By Jan Baines-Burton
On 25/02/2008

Many thanks for your reply. Yes come think it was the holiday camp. The bus from Yarmouth stopped at the Green Ace garage. I used to catch that bus on St. Nicholas Road outside Grouts factory and went all the way. By the way the male skater was Frank Martin not F. Taylor again my mistake but Iam so glad that two new skating fans have replied. Looking forward to more info
regards colin

By colinbrowne
On 09/06/2008

We would like to know if there is a skating rink near Gt Yarmouth or Caister that you know about. please could you tell us the details because we really enjoy skating as we have been searching all over and every where we have looked is way to far from where we live. Please write back soon please becaus we are getting bored and running out of things we can do on weekends and evenings. Yours sincerly Danielle and Scarlet. Please hurry!!!

By scarlet and danielle
On 08/07/2008

To Scarlet & Danielle,

sorry to say that I don't know of any skating rinks in that area but I wonder what the council do with the Winter Garden glass house at the end of the summer does it stand idle all winter? The area I live now Hunts/Cambs roller skating is making a come back. It use to be Ernulf School now College with swimming pools, tennis courts, & now indoor roller rink & much more. I do hope the GY Council will see these messages and think about young people needs today. Best of luck in your search, Colin Browne.

By colinbrowne
On 13/09/2008

Jocelyn taught my sister & I to skate at the Norwich lads club in the late 70's & early 80's she was & still is a lovely lady with grace & flair. I have just started to skate again at the Milton Keynes Roller dance club & they tell me she is still skating strong at 80 years young. I would love to see her again.

By samantha burbidge (nee jones)
On 30/09/2008

yes I also wondered what became of our Jocelyn I remember once the comets roller hockey team played against a Bury st Edmunds team at the then corn exchange building & I heard later on when a new rink was built at Bury Jocelyn went there can anyone confirm if this true?

By colinbrowne
On 22/11/2008

She teaches me now and I'm 11 and shes in her mid 80's and still superb and brilliant. Shes lovely and I know all I need to so Thanks Hip Hip Hurray xx

By Jasmine Powling
On 09/02/2009

I have a feeling she teaches in Colchester at the lovely Maple Rink - worth a visit for anyone who loves skating - just wish I lived closer.

By sam burbidge
On 16/06/2009

I have a feeling she teaches in Colchester at the lovely Maple Rink - worth a visit for anyone who loves skating - just wish I lived closer.

By sam burbidge
On 16/06/2009

For Scartlet & Danielle last friday 17 of July I learnt from a friend that a new roller skating rink is opening on the sea front of Great Yarmouth best of luck enjoy. Colin

By colinbrowne
On 14/08/2009

After reading your comments, as a co-owner of retroskate I can confirm there is a new roller rink in Gt Yarmouth it is situated to one end of the marina centre.Jocelyn cut the ribbon and openened the rink in May, as she taught one of the directors for many years.If you love skating, try our new rink it has GB champions giving it the thumbs up!It is a terrazzo surface giving a fast, smooth feel. giving you a fantastic skating experience.

By Donna Wicks
On 13/10/2009

For all you skaters out there. I skate at Roller world in Colchester. The rink is brilliant. Adult night is Weds and it is a good skate. For anyone wanting lessons from Jocelyn, she teaches there on a Sunday from 5 - 7 pm. I was taught by here in early 1982 at the Roller bury (Now sadly gone) skating rink. Hope to see some of you on a weds night.


By Pete Austin
On 09/11/2009

I returned to skating lessons last Sunday, having first met Jocelyn when I was 11 (17 yrs ago) and was amazed and thrilled to see Jocelyn still there! Jocelyn is a true inspiration - she is amazing. She still teaches, and skates, she's unbelievable, hope I'm that flexible and mobile and still skating when I'm her age! She proves there's hope for all of us. Would love to see a video of her championship skating from when she was young.

By Danielle
On 04/05/2010

Me & My sister were both taught to figure skate by Jocelyn, she was soo lovely, at Rollerbury in BSE and we also played roller Hockey for Rollerbury. That was a fab place back in the day. I now am 41 and have just took up roller dancing and i LOVE it. I had really missed it so if Jocelyn is still goign strong at 80 there is hope for me lol ..

By Justine Moore (was Fone )
On 04/05/2010

She still teaches me now.. I'm now 13, and she teaches at Rollerworld x

By Jasmine Powling
On 07/12/2010

I met Jocelyn Taylor back in the early 'sixties. My coach was Sammy Samuels and we often used to travel from Essex to Great Yarmouth to see some of the great skaters of the time. The likes of Richard Balls, Geoffrey Richer, Carol Wooden, Valerie Wolsey, etc. They were my heroes (and heroines) although it was really quite intimidating skating amongst them. I got really pally with Richard Balls and I remember him coming to my 21st birthday party in some wonderful Lotus (Elan, I think) sports car. All my non-skating friends were really jealous. Whenever there was an NSA competition at Alexandra Palace,Jocelyn used to bring two coach loads of skaters and they took over the place. Linda Bollington (along with Valerie Wolsey) were the two me and my buddies fell in love with. I was never a talented skater, but enjoyed hugely those adolescent years. I have fond memories of Jocelyn as she always provided help and inspiration whenever I visited Great Yarmouth. Russell Roworth

By Russell Roworth
On 03/05/2011

I too was taught by Sammy Samuels at Alexandra Palace in the late 60's and early 70's. Sometimes we went to Streatham to the ice rink too.

By Maryelle
On 19/12/2011

I met Jocelyn at roller village in Wisbech last year where her son Ashley was giving me rollerdance lessons.  Stan Balls was skating with her for the Bupa advert. I had not skated for over 40 years.     I moved to Germany last November Ashley gave me a contact for a skating coach here where I hope to go.  I have lost Ashley & Angela's email address would like to contact them.

By jackie rix
On 19/12/2011

Hi Maryelle - when you were coached by Sammy did you also meet up with Mike Smith, Jennie Mudge, Angela and others at Ally Pally? Russell

By Russell Roworth
On 12/03/2012

Hi there, Loved reading these comments about Jocelyn, she sounds fabulous and still skating at the tender age of 80, wow! I'm working on a website here in Australia and came across a photo of Richard Balls who is mentioned here. I did a google search any this forum came up. Anyway you might like to have a look at his photo and perhaps you will find some of others that you once knew :-)

By Rhonda King
On 24/05/2013

Sorry to learn that Richard Balls died … I knew him well at school and he achieved so much and set a fine example. I recall as soon as he was 16 years of age he was riding a Norton motor cycle … and at school he was a very proficient gymnast and woodworker.    

By Duncan Kirkwood
On 07/05/2019

Those connected with skating in Great Yarmouth will know that Jocelyn coached Pat and myself. Elsewhere on this site we have a tribute posted to her and to her sadly departed Husband Richard Moore. She teamed Pat and myself up when we were aged 16 years. Here we are today aged 86 and shortly to celebrate our 65th wedding anniversary. All along this superb lady has played a major part in our lives. Special to record that we are frequently in contact.

By Brian Colclough
On 07/04/2020

1950’s Roller Skating, Great Yarmouth. Does anyone have any pictures or history relating to Arthur Burgess known as The Jumping Bean. Thank you.

By Y Burgess
On 06/06/2022

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