Interview with Mary and Aubrey about their childhood

By Laura Matthews

An Interview with Mary and Aubrey who are in their 80's

What did Mum and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa do in their spare time as children?
They went to the beach, cycling, stickle baking on a farm, fed animals and went to the market.

What games did they play?
Skipping, two ball, whip and top, pop guns and conkers.

What were their favourite toys?
Model aeroplanes & gliders, skipping rope and a dolls pram.

If they had a TV what were their favourite TV programmes?
They didn't have a TV.

Did they belong to any clubs?
They didn't belong to any clubs only Sunday School.

What was it like to go to the cinema and what was their favourite film?
Ben Hur (which was a silent film) and Shirley Temple.

How much pocket money did they get and what did they spend it on?
One penny a week, they could buy 4 types of sweets for a farthing each. One of my grandparents didn't have any pocket money.

If they went on holiday where did they go?
One went to Gorleston and to a farm in Wiltshire, one didn't go on holiday.

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