Ben B's Report

By Laura Matthews

Grandparent's holidays:
Nanny and Granddad do not go on holiday.

Parent's holidays:
Mum went on holiday to Blackpool and Scarborough by train. She stayed in a guesthouse and went to the beach and had donkey rides.
Dad went on trips to the seaside by car; he played on the beach and went to Joyland.

Children's holidays:
I have been to Lego Land and Disney Land Paris by car; I stayed hotels and went on the rides. I have also been on holiday to Florida by plane. I stayed in a hotel and went to the beach, swimming, to shows and on rides.

This page was added by Laura Matthews on 31/08/2007.
Comments about this page

I never belived that my report would still be on this website, people must like it?

By Ben Bartlett
On 03/05/2011

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