When Our Grandparents Were children

One of the pupils interviewed their grandparents about what life was like when they were children.

By Laura Matthews

Girls wore a dress with a cardigan and socks and shoes.
Boys wore trousers with a top and a pullover, a cap, socks and shoes.

Changes in housing
The houses are more modern now than in the past. The kitchens weren't very nice and there was no central heating.
Lots of the hotels have been turned into flats.
Not every house had a bathroom, some people had to go to the toilet in tin buckets.

Rich people could afford to have big houses with smart kitchens and they had gas and electricity.

There was a motorboat, which took you on trips to Scroby sands.
You could go on donkey rides and there was a boating lake. There weren't any trampolines on the beach like there is today.

There wasn't as much junk food, no McDonalds. You could only get hotdogs, burgers or chips.
There weren't many fizzy drinks only lemonade and coke.
Most people used lard and dripping to cook with.

Not many people had TVs, the television picture was black and white and there were three channels, which were only on at certain times.

Memories of Great Yarmouth
Once a cargo boat went aground on a sandbank and they had to throw the cargo over board to lighten the load and refloat it.
Great Yarmouth was the first place to get bombed from the air.
There was an air force base in Great Yarmouth; it was positioned on the beachfront, south of the Pleasure Beach where the outer harbour is being built.

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