Ryans's Report

By Laura Matthews

Grandparent's holidays:
My grandparents went for day visits on the bus to different places, but not very often. They also used to go and stay with relatives.
Nanny used to live in Warwickshire and went to school in by horse and cart from 1938- 1947.

Parent's holidays:
Dad went to different places by car with granddad or his uncle driving. He went to Weymouth (his favourite place), the Isle of White, Bournemouth, Torquay and Bradford to stay with his auntie, uncle and cousins. Dad lived in Oxford when he was little and also went to stay with his auntie in Great Yarmouth.

Children's holidays:
We go to stay with my grandparents in Oxford and visit places from there, like Weymouth. This summer we are going to visit Lego Land.

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