Just a quick line... leads to the ultimate postcard for those in a hurry

Multiple-choice postcard

By John Layton

For those in a hurry perhaps, this postcard seems ideal.

All the sender had to do was circle the relevant information at the bottom of the card!

Photo:Postcard with 'multiple choice' message section

Postcard with 'multiple choice' message section

Gt Yarmouth Museums

This page was added by John Layton on 23/07/2007.
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Nice card. I wish they'd make them like that now. Saying that... apart from collectables, there are probably not that many postcards sent nowadays... sadly.

By Coventry Mark
On 19/04/2011
Stacy: I really just nedeed a kick in the pants, a motivation. I guess it gave me an "excuse" to finish!ibeeeg: Thanks! I appreciate your interest in the book.Mary: Thanks for your comment! It's great that you've read the book and, from the sound of it, enjoyed what you read. Thanks a lot.Melissa: Ah, yes...screaming children. I suppose they serve their purpose, eh? For writing material, if nothing else. :0)
By Preecha
On 12/02/2015

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