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Photo:Spot the terns on North Denes beach!

Spot the terns on North Denes beach!

Paul Douch

Photo:A line of Little Terns relaxing at North Denes

A line of Little Terns relaxing at North Denes

Paul Douch

25 years of protecting Little Terns at North Denes

By Paul Douch

Little Terns have been part of the beach scene at North Denes, Great Yarmouth for many years.  They are small birds, but great fliers -all the way to and from West Africa.  They usually arrive at the end of April and depart by early August. Their mission is to breed.  But life on the beach ain't that simple - there are plenty of things which can stop Little Tern eggs becoming fully-fledged birds...

The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) deploys a team of wardens, many of them volunteers, to protect the birds from disturbance.  It is hoped that some of these people - and other locals with memories of birdwatching in the area - will add their stories to this page in the months ahead.

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