Regent Road, Great Yarmouth

Postcards of Regent Road, Great Yarmouth

By John Layton

Regent Road has changed much over the last century, from being a residential area to being a venue for all types of holiday shop, selling everything from Docwras and Potters Rock Shops, to Vettese's Ice Cream (probably the best ice cream in the area), and boxes of kippers, along with all the usual seaside requisites of buckets and spades, Pownalls Fishing Tackle Shop, and music CDs and cassettes to listen to.

The first postcard shows the Seafront end of Regent Rd, which is now pedestrianised, as is the seafront area at its end.

The second is hard to place, but would seem to be taken from the same spot as the second picture, but facing towards the seafront.

The third is taken from the market place looking down towards the seafront.

The fourth is of the Town end of Regent Rd, with the Regal Cinema on the right, and Woolworths old store on the left, which is now a KFC outlet.  If a person was attempting to take the same shot today, he might well be knocked down by a motor vehicle, as the main road through Yarmouth now runs through the very spot!

The fifth picture is of 76 Regent Road when it was a cafe owned by Percy Clements.

How times have changed!



Photo:Postcard of Regent Rd from the Seafront

Postcard of Regent Rd from the Seafront

Gt Yarmouth Museums

Photo:Postcard of Regent Road, early 20th century

Postcard of Regent Road, early 20th century

Gt Yarmouth Museums

Photo:Regent Road, c. 1930

Regent Road, c. 1930

Great Yarmouth Museums

Photo:Photograph of Town end of Regent Rd, posted 1956

Photograph of Town end of Regent Rd, posted 1956

Gt Yarmouth Museums

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Regent Road, Great Yarmouth' page
This page was added by John Layton on 29/05/2007.
Comments about this page

This is an excellent site fantastic pictures. I have just spent a week in Gt Yarmouth and what really fascinated me apart from all the beautiful churches was a victorian house in Regent Road now used to house a wax works, does anyone know anything about the history of this beautiful property?

Regards Lois Courtney, Stoke On Trent

By Lois Courtney
On 11/06/2007

I come to Great Yarmouth every year and I love Regent Road!
I totally love Regent Rd
Looking back at the oldern times just shows me how much better it gets every year!!!!

By Shannon Gray
On 01/10/2007

Can someone please tell me if there was a florists opposite the regal in the 1930's and if it was called Herberts? There is a story in my family that my great grandparents owned it. It is now an estate agents.

By Michelle Howes
On 01/10/2007

Wow these photo's are amazing! I live in Great Yarmouth and I wish it looked like that now. Going down Regent Road at night is like walking the green mile - not nice. Too much violence and no class. I very rarely go into town now because of this. Which is a shame as I have a lot of family history in this town, my great great grandfather was the mayor of Great Yarmouth for a term and my great grandfather was the founder of a business called Camplings located in Great Yarmouth.

By Roxy
On 21/04/2009

Amazing...I am doing some genealogy tracing at the mo and traced my past relatives to 29 Regent Road where they ran a B&B in 1880s so you can imagine my delight with the pictures!! Even if they arent as old as I like...still great!

By Gazza
On 01/06/2009

Hi I'm an Australian Ex Service man. I married a Yarmouth girl that used to work in a gift shop just below the bloater shop. We returned there in 1994 and like Roxy, "we could have wept". What has happened to the lovely old Queens hotel?. Nev and Rose

By Nev McLauchlan
On 10/08/2009

Hi I'm trying to find anything I can about Mayhouse Cottages on Regents Road, trying to trace family tree and my grandfather was born there in 1902?

By jean drury
On 13/10/2009

Hi I am tracing my family tree and I am trying to find some pictures of 76 Regent Road when it was a cafe owned by Percy Clements. Would be great if anybody had any memories of the cafe or pictures? Thank you!

By Jen
On 04/05/2010

I am researching my partners family tree and am looking for a Thomas Clifford Anthony and his family, the only information i have is that between 1927 and 1929 he was a watchmaker and had a shop at 12a Regent Road, Great Yarmouth. I would be very greatfull if anyone knows of him or his family and can give me some more infomation.

By Craig Hicks
On 04/05/2010

Hi, Any info on the Plowmans of Regent Road would be great. 1880s-1910 onwards. 64, 72, and 73 Regent Road. Confectionery shop and tea rooms and Boarding house.

By Gazza
On 14/06/2010

I need to pick your brains please! I'm searching for any info on No.1 Mayhouse Cttage which i believe was on Regent Road. John Fayers was head of family in the 1901 census. Would there be any pictures or maps? Where do i locate them if they exist? I am in Great Yarmouth in July. Thank you so much.

By mrs christine hawkes
On 28/07/2010

re: Jean Drury's enquiry about Mayhouse Cottages. Found them just off Regent Road. No's 1 & 2 have been replaced by modern buildings. No's 3 & 4 are still original.

By christine hawkes
On 06/08/2010

I am Bert Knorr from Holland. I have had a holiday chalet at Burgh Castle for 15 years and sold it 5 years ago. Before that I was for the first time in Great Yarmouth in 1972. Just passed after coming from the Norfolk Line boat to go to holiday in Scotland. After that I came back every year for a short holiday and made many friends in Great Yarmouth. I am coming to Great Yarmouth every year and also this September I am in a b&b in Wellesley Road and look forward to see the town. It has changed much over the years and I am thinking that it is getting better al the time. See you in September. Bert

By Bert Knorr
On 16/08/2010

Was just doing some history research and I've hit a blank, does any body know what happened to Guiseppe Vettese (original founder of the ice cream parlour) as I can't seem to find anything out about where he went??? Nothing after the 50's. Thank you xx

By Claire Bird
On 10/12/2012

May house cottages are still there, or part of them are. They are just behind Regent, through an alley way between two shops. Don't know what the 2 shops are but the alley way is on the left as you walk towards the sea front about half way up the road. They are old fisherman houses but most of them are owned by Broadland Housing Association and are now flats. Hope this helps.

By hollie
On 27/11/2013

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