Goodes Hotel, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth

Photograph of Goodes Hotel, c.1950

By Lauren McCurdy

Photo:Goodes Hotel, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth, c. 1950

Goodes Hotel, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth, c. 1950

Great Yarmouth Museums

Photo:Advert fpr Goodes Hotel from a 1950s Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Holiday Guide

Advert fpr Goodes Hotel from a 1950s Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Holiday Guide

Great Yarmouth Museums

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I recall that Screaming Lord Sutch, founder of The Monster Raving Loony Party, sang with his band The Savages at the Goodes Hotel in the early 60s.

Duncan Kirkwood

By Duncan Kirkwood
On 11/01/2010

My wife Patricia and I spent our honeymoon in the hotel in August 1963 and would have loved to go back again to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We still have the original bill for three nights B & B £8-14-1.

By Brian Marklew
On 26/11/2012

I recognize this Hotel .. somewhere near here was Joe's Oyster Bar. I worked there in the 60's. Anyone know exactly where it was - it's not there now. Keith Woods,

By Woods
On 24/10/2013

I met my wife whilst working as a potman in 1967 at the Goodes Hotel.

Yvonne was on holiday with her friends from Leicester and it was love at first sight.

People told us that holiday romances don't last, well this one has, 51 years on and we are still married.

Happy memories happy days.



By Anthony Hipgrave
On 23/11/2018

I played with my band The Zephyrs at The Goodes Hotel in 1962, happy days.

By Barrie Miller
On 11/01/2020

As a schoolboy I had a summer job in early 1950s in the kitchen alongside my mother and aunt who worked in the dining room. I did the job for a couple of seasons until we moved to Gorleston but as an adult returned on several occasions as a customer. Very pleasant memories.

By Herb Newark
On 01/12/2020

It’s still there hidden behind Caesar’s Palace, just look up to see the upper storeys.

By Bill Blodger
On 30/11/2021

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