Diver on the Norwich Belle

Photo:Diver on one of the pleasure boat "Belles"

Diver on one of the pleasure boat "Belles"

Great Yarmouth Museums

Photograph of the diver on the Norwich Belle

By Paul Douch

This page was added by Paul Douch on 21/04/2007.
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The picture showing the diver is the Norwich Belle. I can just remember going on a trip on her and seeing the diver.

By neil cox
On 08/05/2007

I can confirm Neil's comments re the diver. I can remember going on sea trips on both the Norwich Belle and the Eastern Princess. Competition for customers was high and the diver was introduced by the Norwich Belle for a few years presumably as an added attraction.

By Alan Cracknell
On 10/01/2008

Do you know where these two boats are now, many thanks.

By ron tillbrook
On 01/05/2008

Just like to let Ron know where the Norwich Belle and Eastern Princess are.
The Norwich belle is in Elat Israel and the
Eastern Princess is (being used) in the Greek island of Skaithos as a ferry.

By Neil Cox
On 21/01/2009

I can confirm that Alan is correct,as the man in the diving suit is my Father. Competition was feirce in those days. This was his idea to get more customers as many people who came to Great Yarmouth had never seen a diver. If the sea was to rough to go down he used to don all the gear and walk round the deck of the Norwich Belle. My father was Manager of the Norwich Belle and the Hotspur ( she used to sail from the Britania Pier ).He was also manger of the Yarmouth and Gorleston ferries. Finding this site has brought back many memories for me as I now live in Scotland. Thanks to all who contributed to this site.

By Raymond Tatnell
On 12/05/2009

Does anyone know if there is a list of names of skippers on the Norwich and Oulton Belle?

By Alan B
On 22/12/2020

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