Photo:Joyland next to Britannia Pier, in the late fifties

Joyland next to Britannia Pier, in the late fifties

Great Yarmouth Museums

Photo:Palm trees next to Joyland

Palm trees next to Joyland

Great Yarmouth Museums

Photographs of the childrens fun park next to Britannia Pier

By Paul Douch

Joyland was originally opened in 1949 by the Cole family as a childrens theme park with rides like the 'Snails' and 'Tubs'.

Its 'Ark' became a bit of a landmark when introduced in 1952. In the early eighties it was replaced by a spaceship. The 'mountain' on which the Ark had 'landed' was hollow and was filled with dioramas (miniature scenes), such as a model railway and a mountain scene with skiers permanently skiing down the mountain.

Joyland is still going strong and is located right next to Britannia Pier.

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Does anyone know what happened to the gibbon in the "grotto" on the seafront?

By Anonymous
On 19/06/2007

Thanks for the inhtsgi. It brings light into the dark!

By Dilly
On 01/04/2014

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