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By Philip Jennings

Hello to all the past pupils of my era 1952-56

Such Happy days and the stories of the Famous five,Hereward the wake and Arthur still ring in my ears.

I remember the teachers of that era Miss Knights,Mr Downes,Mr Kitchener,and Mr Thomson,Mr Sillis was HT until Mr Green took over as HT.I left the school after passing the 11 plus and went on to the Technical High school in Oriel avenue.

Many of the names which I have seen mentioned on this site are familiar ones.

If any of you remember me please contact as I will be very pleased to hear from you.

Philip Jennings,Beverley,East Riding of Yorkshire.


This page was added by Philip Jennings on 19/06/2014.
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Phillip did you live in the Factory Road area. Near Ronnie Martins and John Shearing and Alfie Hewitt?

By Norman Balls
On 15/07/2014


I lived in Jury Street and then Audley Street,John Shearing and Alfie Hewitt lived in Tottenham Street.I also knew you you lived just off Middle market Road,not far from the old Coop dairy and store,opposite Union street.

Philip Jennings

By Philip Jennings
On 17/07/2014

Hi Philip, I used ti live on Euston Road and new John Shearing very well used to knock abouy with him after we left school as well, any idea what happened to him.

By Stan Waters
On 25/11/2014

Hi Stan, John now lives in Filby.  I went to a reunion with him in september, also John Lawson, they both came to my 70th along with (Chumley) David Nicholls,  also met Gerald Bunn there.                         David  Ward

By David Ward
On 23/10/2015

Hi David

Thanks for that if you see him again please remember me to him, we get down to Yarmouth at least once a year just to have a look at the old place. I have just turned 73 , we must all be getting on a bit now of course.

Stan Waters

By stan waters
On 30/03/2016

To all the 1940s priory boys from Colin Browne. Received sad news that Cyril Thompson passed away this week very suddenly . Itis very sad that it has taken so many years for all of us to meet up as from the age of 15 years until the age of 70 years plus. We did start a reunion if you all recall but it just fell apart ? I did look forward to our get to togethers and was pleased to hear some said the same  Cyril was a great help in passing out information on the dates of the reuions 

As I have said in the past we are all ageing so do not leave it to late  to meet your old priory school mates good luck to all keep safe and well.

By colin browne
On 01/07/2016

Hi Philip yesI do remember you , I also went to the Priory and then the Tech High. I mode to Birmingham at the age of 19 and 26 years later moved to the south of Spain where I am still living and working.

By mike griffin
On 25/09/2016

Hi All - I remember all of the teachers named in your notes, also David Warner, Eric Lewis, and students such as Barry Hudson, Charlie Dowson, Minnie Jarvis, Stan Waters, David Porter, Colin Burns, John gay, too many to recall. Great days, many memories, all good - no money but plenty of enjoyment.

Barry Noble 

By Barry Noble
On 22/01/2017

Hello Barry

I remember, in several art/craft lessons, building a Norman Castle out of card with Barry, in Mr Kitchener's class (J3?). Was that you Barry Noble? Mr Kitchener was a great teacher. I'm John George, skinny, dark hair, a bit quiet.

If it was you, drop me a line.


By John George
On 01/05/2017

Hi All, I remember both Barry and John, good to know you are still OK. It is nice to hear about the old days at Yarmouth, I still return once or twice a year as I only live near Spalding these days. It was a long drive from Devon where we lived for many years. We visited last September and went to Caister church where we were married 50 years ago, 50 years to the day. We are planning to go again next month, another trip down memory lane.

By Stan Waters
On 04/02/2018

Hi All - I remember all the names, would probably recognise the faces, but certainly remember the events - they were great days, none of us had anything of value except the friendships and fun, all of which was self generated - I look at today's youngsters and wonder where it has all gone wrong?

Hope you all are well and still enjoying life! Take care!

Barry Noble

By Barry Noble
On 14/02/2018

Hi Barry Noble,

I think you are my dad's cousin Robin Shearing.

Tonight he has  been trying to remember the name of the sweet shop opposite the Nelson School ? Can anyone help, do you remember my Uncle Leslie Shearing he still lives in Caister.

By laura shearing
On 02/12/2019

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