St Andrews school 1949

Isabel Cutler

By Marguerite Hall (Nee Colby)

Hello Isabel from Adelaide Australia

We must have been at this school but different classes as I cannot recognise any of the students in the photos.I actually cannot remember too many students or teachers anyway. I do remember the layout of the school inside and out. I recall the middle room was where we had our lunches. I loved  school dinners. The wonderful tummy lining puddings and pink custard and blancmange. I remember the art classroom, very much crowded with school desks where  we sat for other lessons. I remember vividly the  outside  playground we had to walk across to get into the school front door. It was,  to my toddler's memory, quite  large but the ground was rough and I had many a sore knee falling down. Much  against  today's standards of design, there was a very large metal/ concrete  upright pole in the centre which I sadly ran into and momentarily knocked myself out on. I left to attend the Priory School for  Girls, passed my 11+ and went to Gt Yarmouth High School, leaving Gt. Yarmouth to live in Windsor, email is Marguerite Hall(nee Colby).5/4/2016










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