St Andrew's infant school

John Grimmer

By Marguerite Hall (Nee Colby)

Hello John,

Thank you for starting the ball rolling again with that photograph. I have an exact same copy recently unearthed in our family snaps. I do not recognise you unfortunately. I am in the second row second in from the  left. 

Of interest is your chance meeting with Linda Traill. A girl I remembered from this class. How  did   you recognise each other after all these years?  

My email  address is should you wish to write directly.

I now live in Australia in Adelaide. I have been back to Gt Yarmouth a couple of times and still wish I could eat the cockles and Cromer crabs and shrimps we saved up to buy. Loved the pepper and vinegar.

We lived in Southtown, 15 Station Road and were flooded out in 1953. Vivid memories of the water rising up the stairs of our house. The next day my father piggybacked my sister and I through the floods to get to higher ground. We went to stay in our Grandparents house which was next door to the Cinema at Theatre Plain. Dad gave our dog Benny away as my grandmother did not like dogs I was heartbroken and hated him. Benny was too loyal though as he ran away from  his new family in Norwich and ran all the way back to Theatre Plain to find us. He scrabbled at the door to come in, very thin, and bloodied paws. But he made it. 

More photos and takes most welcome.

Regards Marguerite Hall (nee Colby) 5/4/2016


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