Priory School Reunion

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By Sue Salter

The Priory Centre, Great Yarmouth is holding another Priory School Reunion on Tuesday 5th July 2016 from 10.00am to 3.00pm.There will be an exhibition of old school photographs and our Café will be open for the sale of light refreshments.

Come along and meet old friends and share your memories of the old Priory School.

This page was added by Sue Salter on 01/07/2016.
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I am so glad that some old Priory boys and girls have the getting up and go to run a meet up. It was a shame the doom and gloomers dumped our last reunion of the 1940s 50s Priory boys. As you might read as age creeps on Tony Burrage gone recent Cyril Thompson. I just heard Russell Brinded also. Sorry its second hand news but think we are all 70 plus its never to late time and tide waits for no one.

By colin browne
On 27/07/2016

My name is Barry Noble - I continue to have many happy memories of Priory Boys School, and the kids and staff that were there during my time.

I too have missed reunions - no contacts- anybody got a list of contributors?

Contact would be great!







By Barry Noble
On 04/02/2018

Hi Barry,

I remember you from the old Priory days, hope you are still fit and well, we were down in Norfolk last week didn't go into Yarmouth this time as it was only a short visit, we will be down again shortly.

Having moved away from the norfolk area for many years it was a bit of a shock to see what Yarmouth is like now, but we still like the area, so many good old memories. Whenever we get down we still visit our old houses and haunts, I suppose thats life when you get older, we still think maybe we should move back, but each year that passes makes it more remote, and Lincolnshire is not to bad, sad that there are no more reunions for the old Priorians but as someone said we are getting older and the effort to travel gets harder. I love to read about things on this web-site, long may it continue.

Regards to all

Stan Waters

By Stanley Waters
On 21/11/2018

Hi Colin and Barry

I must have missed this date Colin, but I am still up for another reunion. The last one I attended brought  back memories, is there one planned. Hi Barry, I remember you at the Priory, trust all is well with you. I left Yarmouth when I was 18 to work in London and been traveling ever since, but now settled in Bedfordshire. Lets hope or help to get a reunion set up next year.

Best wishes to all,

Stephen Buchan


By Stphen Buchan
On 21/11/2018

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