Pleasure Beach

Veteran Car Ride, 1960s

By Susan Wooden

Photo:Veteran Car Ride, Pleasure Beach. Early 1960's

Veteran Car Ride, Pleasure Beach. Early 1960's

This page was added by Susan Wooden on 23/06/2015.
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Well Susan you kept your promise to add a page on the veteran cars

Created by Wadbrook Brothers in Exmouth Road.

I had the pleasure of working on these fibre-glass cars, faces masked of course, as the fibre floating around in the air was toxic and highly dangerous. But as you had previously told me in one of your e-mails there was something very special about the fibre-glass smell, giving an impression that something  special was being created.

What artists Ted and Percy were, assisted by Clifford to produce these perfect replicas of the old jallopies. If I'm not mistaken your photo shows Ted taking the first car out on its inaugral test run. I was there that day, so the image brings back loads of memories for me...

Thanks again

and my very Best Wishes


Steve Dunn

By steve dunn
On 02/07/2015

Hello Steve

Thanks for your message. It's rather strange; I posted this photo last August and have no idea why it has suddenly appeared on the site!

Thank you for telling me who was in the car. The photo was amongst some I have of me and my little brother on the ride and I assumed it was me (!) but now I can see it is a different car to the others and, like you say, most probably Dad.

I will attempt to add another photo... but it might turn up in 2016!

Kind Regards


By Susan Wooden
On 14/08/2015

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