Fishermen the Forgotten Heroes

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Researched and written by young people from Trafalgar College

In the First World War, Great Yarmouth fishermen went to sea looking for mines after Admiral Lord Beresford said it was a good idea. They would cut the cords to the mines allowing them to surface. The fishermen used a gun to shoot the mine and make it sink.  If they shot it in the wrong place, it would explode.

 The Royal Naval Reserve needed fishermen as assistants. The fishermen were experienced seafarers, which is why they were chosen for this job. When the mine went to the top of the water, they would trawl it to the local harbour.

 It was perilous, dangerous work and most people didn’t want to do it.  However, they didn’t have a choice. They are forgotten heroes of their time, they made a difference to Yarmouth and its history.

Did You Know?

Some trawlers hunted and found submarines instead of mines. They went out with mines in their nets and they dropped their net with the mines to blow up the submarines.

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