Does anyone remember "pig woman"?

Scared the life out of me in the 80s

By Michelle-Conchita

Please can any one else remember this as I can find NO info about it and think I'm going mad or imagined it??

It was the Summer of 81 or 82 I was about 9 years old and on holiday at Caister Labrookes with my mum, dad and younger brother.

We had gone into Great Yarmouth for the evening and were on the way back from the pleasure beach walking on the opposite side of the road and somewhere on near the Oasis I saw it! There was wax work / exhibition thing somewhere on the seafront and it terrified me for years. All I can remember there was a photo on the board outside saying something like "new attraction" pig woman - and this woman with the face of a pig! 

I had a VERY vivid imagination as a child. We never even went in! But whatever the attraction was the sight of the poster gave me nightmares that proberly woke up half the caravans in Caister that night!

After that when we went into Yarmouth I wouldn't even go on that side of the road for the duration of the holiday. Very awkward for my poor mum and dad! Of course my younger brother loved pulling pig faces in the middle of the night to freak me out!

One of my friends who was on holiday at the same time vaguely remembers it as well so I know i've not gone completely gaga.

I was telling the story to my son and we looked on the internet to try and find something and.....nothing.

All I can think of by looking on here that it might have been something to do with the "terror castle"?

Can anyone shed any light on this, and just comfirm I'm not going completely mad???

This page was added by Michelle-Conchita Wrathall on 30/03/2016.
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The building this lady has mentioned concerning the pig lady may have been the aqua zoo just south of the oasis which was in the form of a castle.  Inside it was like a grotto with animals and other oddities. pictures can be found on the internet under 'aqua zoo' Great Yarmouth.

By kevin ellis
On 21/11/2018

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