Anyone remember the Old Town Cafe/ became the Greasy Spoon

My parents ran this after the war pre-1948 to post 1955

By Graham Bennett

Sad reading through some of this. We had to move away from this magical location when my mum left my dad and took us kids up to Bradford. I can still remember the yacht getting stuck under Southtown Bridge, the trawlers landing fish right next to the bridge, the steam quayside railway, Golden Galleon and the Eastern Express. I believe there used to be a plaque on the GG with its war honours, and I seem to remember Dunkirk and/or D-Day was on it somewhere, but I know there is doubt about the truth of all that. Still those also serve who stand and wait. If I had known about the Galleon's plight I would have wanted to help save her. What a shame. The GG and the EP were, of course, flat-pack warships, Fairmile "B"s and I don't know where we may see the like again. 

If anyone can cast light on how the yacht came to grief against the bridge in September 1955, or remembers the cafe on Hall Quay. I'd love to know. Cheers.


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