St Andrews's infants

Linda Traill

By Marguerite Hall (Nee Colby)

Hello Linda Traill

I feel rather guilty that I have not checked this site since 2012 when I wrote.

John Grimmer sent in a note and a photo of St Andrew's class. John if you are reading this, thanks for the photo. I found an exact same copy recently.

Linda,are  you on the third row far right? Did you have a long plait?

I am in the second row, second in. I lived at 8 St Nicholas Road. We had a fish and chips shop next door. I  visited your house occasionally but I think your Mum did not like other children calling round.  I think you once said your Mum was very fussy about your plait as I tried   to replait it for you when it became  loose.

The only other girl I can remember in name only, was  Glenda Boniface. 

I turned 73 this year and live in Adelaide Australia. My email address is Do contact me if you would like.

Regards Marguerite Hall ( nee Colby) 5/4/2016

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